It is commonly known that all of us, even if we like to admit it or not, guide ourselves accordingly to the actual color trends and to whatever is fashionable. A trend can mean many things, but it is mostly referred to as a fashion that is in favor, something that is current and popular.

Every year, new combinations of colors can appear; new styles, new trends and the large majority of people likes to be up to date, whether we are talking about clothes, accessories, furniture or paint color. In the domain of merchandising, it is really important to be informed about the news from the wide world, if not, the consequences can be awful and devastating.

Which colors should be used in every period of the year?

However, wearing and seeing the same color every day for a whole year would be utterly boring. As Dr. Vijai P. Sharma said in one of his studies, colors can and will affect the way we act and feel; when a season changes, many people will experience a switch in their behavior and mood. This is why every season is characterized by a palette of colors. There are some specific colors for every season and they may change a bit among the years, but mainly they remain the same. These colors have been established by fashion designers and by the science entitled color analysis.


Despite the fact that most people would think that vivid colors are the best idea for summer, it is actually suggested to use neutral colors and pastels with a little bit of silver and gold, just to transmit a feeling of refinery. Imagine entering a store that has the walls painted bright blue or orange during the infernal summer heat, it will instantly make you feel exhausted and tired. The most adequate colors for this period of the year are powder blue, powder pink, lavender and taupe color. A store that has the walls painted like this will look more welcoming and will create a positive ambiance.


This time of the year is the most delicate of them all because the nature come backs to life and everything is colorful, fresh and glowing once again. The colors that should be predominant are yellow based (because yellow is the color of growth and prosperity): champagne, camel, peach, golden-brown and golden-yellow. And in addition to this, we can use small quantities of bright colors, such as green or red or maybe floral patterns, but never dark or muted colors (a muted color is obtained from the combination between any kind of color and white or grey – like this, the new color is less bright and it becomes dull)


Autumn is the season that offers us the most freedom, because muted, warm and vivid colors are accepted and even more than that, they are recommended. We are advised to use to colors we see in the leaves foliage, shades of: yellow (beige, brown, mustard color, golden), red (copper, brick red, rust color), orange (tangerine and salmon color), and green (avocado green, khaki, olive color) or the colors that make us think of pumpkins (because of the Halloween), the rural life or a campfire. However, shades of pink or blue are to be avoided.


During the winter, the season when everything is freezing, we should use the colors from the ‘icy’ palette (almost everything that is blue-based): navy blue, white, silver but also dark colors, such as mauve, burgundy and, surprisingly, striking pink. This is the only season where it is allowed to use full black, grey or white in fashion.

Anyhow, these colors don’t work well for the walls of a retail store because they might induce a feeling of boredom (for white) or a feeling of anxiety (for black and grey), but many objects can have these colors – it will be helpful to create a certain contrast. Be that as it may, we must never use muted or powdered colors, but colors that are sharp, cool and clear. Because winter is such a sophisticated and dramatic season, colors like beige, orange, gold (and their shades) are strictly forbidden.

Fashion stores and color trends

The best way to find out what is fashionable at the current time is to visit any store that is considerably large and popular and take a look at the clothes and at the accessorizes they are selling.

All the stores from a mall, for instance, will present you almost the same clothes with almost the same colors. These fashion stores will have done an accurate research before changing their whole outfits with new ones that have new colors. Mainly, the colors that are about to be used are established by large corporations, such as Pantone.

For the year of 2017, the chosen color is Greenery (Pantone 15-0343); this color is ubiquitous and will appear almost everywhere (in every shop)  in combinations with other colors that are changing, depending the season and the trends.


The following colors are the ones that will be mostly used in the spring of 2017:

To the greatest extent, fashion stores are the ones who are principally concerned about the color trends. It is really crucial for their number of sales and for their popularity to know all these pieces of news; otherwise, they can risk their place on the market and even become bankrupt.

Besides this, they will always show at the entrance, inside the store and near the dressing-room pictures of gorgeous models posing and looking charming and breath-taking in those colors. Last but not least, the lights (their intensity, their position, their color and so on) will always be set in such way that the clothes will look splendid and something that one has always needed in their entire life. This trick will make customers believe that a specific color is the perfect match for them (even if in some scenarios it might not be the case) and they will instantly decide to make some acquisitions.

Many sociological studies have shown us that trends play an influential role in retail stores and especially in their future.

If one store decides to not follow the actual trends – meaning to choose the right colors for the products, knowing how to arrange them in order to attract the future clientele and how to make their goods like as they are the best – it will slowly lose its buyers, its profits and after a short period of time, everything.

For a retail store to be successful the most vital thing is to know how to offer a variety of products following the trends existing at the present time and how to make their customers feel satisfied by offering them everything that is updated.