Every person involved in a business knows the importance of selling his or her products. Having a good merchandising strategy which can help you sell your things is the very first step in being successful. There are a lot of strategies one can choose for his or her business. It all depends on what exactly you want to sell. For example, if you sell clothes, than dress forms and mannequins are very important for displaying your merchandise. If you chose to sell jewelries, perfumes or other small, but expensive things like antique items, you have to consider buying some display cases, which, along with other important aspects like lighting, ways of displaying items so on and so forth, can help you build a nice and effective marketing strategy. In this article we will try to talk about display cases and what we can do to improve its looking in order to sell our products easily. We will refer mainly to those display cases usually used to present and sell jewelry items.

Making Your Jewelry Display Case Look Luxurious

In order to make your jewelry display case look luxurious you have to take into consideration some important aspects such as: lighting, visual effects and last but not least the color of the display case.

The Importance Of Lighting

When we talk about display cases, especially those used for displaying jewelry, the importance of lighting cannot be neglected. In this context, lighting is used as a strategy to improve the both the display case’s appearance and the jewelry items’ appeal. Therefore, the most used types of lighting are halogen and LED. These two types of lighting differ in terms of light’s color and power consumption. If you choose to use a halogen lamp for your display case, then you will get that yellow light full of warmth, but you will have to pay more for the power consumption which is greater than that of LED.

On the other side, if you choose LED, you will pay less for power consumption and get that cool white light which most people want. Any type of lighting you choose should be analyzed very carefully. Before choosing one type or another you should think about how the lighting would affect your display and jewelry items in terms of color and design. The light source, usually used on the top of a display case, can influence the whole design of the display case. Inside a jewelry display case is usually used a fluorescent lamp. The main reason of using such type of lighting is for enhancing the overall brightness in the display case’s interior.

One can also use different types of LED lighting installed in the corners of a display case. These lights are used as supplementary light sources and their main function is to emphasize the so-called “dimensional sense” of the jewelry items. Even though the lighting is important we all know that what we sell is more important. So, what should attract customers’ attention should be the jewelry items other than other accessories. Therefore, the halogen lamp used on top and the other spotlights are the most important and also the major light sources in a jewelry display case.

Design & Visual Effects

In terms of visual effects, we have to be very careful about the design of display cases and showcases. How should the design of a jewelry display case or jewelry showcase influence the customer? Well, it is not so complicated as it seems. Its purpose should be that of enabling customers the receiving of information effectively in the limited time and space. In other words, it is all about improving the quality and efficiency of the display activities.

Therefore, when choosing a jewelry display case or showcase you should always think about its design. The design of a display case or showcase should give the customer that feeling of coziness and simplicity. That is why those who make display cases and showcases always have in mind the importance of visual physiological aspect and also that of psychological process in terms of design.

Colors Used

What can we say about the color of a display case or showcase? Well, the color should always be simple because that way you can exploit your items. Some colors can be too much for the customer who can easily get visual fatigued. One of the best ways to solve this color problem is to use the standard color or colors of the company.

When we say company, we refer mainly to the company’s logo. So, you should stick to the color or colors found in your company logo. These colors should be based on accuracy and simplicity. In terms of accuracy, you should think about what properties do your products have. The colors you choose should easily reflect the characteristics of your jewelry items. Regarding simplicity, the colors you choose have to reflect conciseness.

Those involved in the jewelry business are usually using no more than 3 colors when it comes to display cases and jewelry showcases. In this color discussion, it is all about harmonious colors versus discordant colors. The colors in the first category give a feeling of pleasantness, while the discordant ones make people feel fatigued or even depressed.

Less Is More

Usually, people who own jewelry stores make the mistake to display lots of jewelry items in a single display case or showcase. If you are a jewelry store owner what should you consider today is do not get greedy and follow the so-called “less is more” principle. It is important to use display cases and present just a few jewelry items to the customer, trying to make them more appealing.

What you have to do is make those few jewelry items the stars of the display case and also allow people to really look at them. In other words, an attractive display case and very few jewelry items can be the key not only in the selling of your products but also in branding them.