The importance of a good jewelry display case for a jewelry retail store is undeniable. A jewelry display case along with proper jewelry dress forms, jewelry props, jewelry boxes, so on and so forth are essential for a marketing strategy that can actually work.

So, every jewelry store owner should look for display cases that are appealing, that can catch the customer eye and make him or her to buy jewelry items. A good display case, which every jewelry store owner should look for, needs to be a locking one so that the valuable pieces of jewelry can be stored in safe conditions. The inside of a jewelry display case should provide a nice environment. By nice environment, we mean one that can keep out humidity, liquid or dust.

These are some of the most important things that a good jewelry display case should have. Of course, there are other possibilities to make such a display case more eye appealing. We can always opt for light in order to enhance the color and brightness of our jewelry items. When we choose to have a lighted display case, we should be testing how our jewelry items look from different sides and angles because sometimes the light can be deceitful. No matter what side and angle a customer would watch a jewelry item, the light should advantage that jewelry item and thus make the customer buy it. Therefore, what are 4 of the most important types of jewelry display cases? Well, we are about to find out.

Acrylic Jewelry Display CaseAcrylic Jewelry Display Cases

This first type of display cases is a pretty used one, not only in jewelry stores, but also in electronic stores or watch stores. Having such a display case in a jewelry store is very useful because you can show off your jewelry items and, at the same time, you can protect it too, because of the fact that this type of display case is a locking one. Acrylic display cases are very easy to use because of the small swing door which can be opened and closed at any time, thus offering easy access to all the jewelry items displayed.

As we said before, lighting is a very important factor in selling jewelry items. Fortunately, this type of display case does not need light to make jewelry items more appealing. Any customer can easily view jewelry items from every side and angle. Acrylic display cases come in every shape and size: vertically or horizontally, small (12 inches) or big (22 inches).

Museum Style Jewelry Display CasesMuseum-style Jewelry Display Cases

This type of display cases is a very interesting one, being used for a unique presentation of jewelry items or other small and fine valuable items. Museum-style display cases can also be used for exhibits and are usually made of hardwood, having tempered glass doors and also adjustable shelves.

All the materials mentioned are of high quality and are carefully used by craftsmen to not only make it look, but also be durable and safe. The glass is well finished on every side providing a full 360 degree viewing. Museum-style display cases can be found in several wood finishes like black, silver, but also oak, cherry or even maple. Regarding shapes and sizes, this type of display cases can be found in tall or short square and hexagonal shapes.

Museum-style display cases can be used to display and also protect valuable pieces of jewelry in a high-end or, why not, a small retail jewelry store. This type of display case is part of the select category of display cases which have side track lighting. These kinds of lights are adjustable, can be pointed in any direction and can help the displayed merchandise to come into notice. The type of glass of which these display cases are made represents an important feature. All the glass used in the making of museum-style display cases is safety glass.

Tower Jewelry Display CasesTower Jewelry Display Cases

The flexibility of tower display cases makes them very useful in small jewelry stores that have the well-known space problem. The fact that this type of display case is flexible makes it freestanding and movable. So, a tower display case can be placed anywhere in a jewelry store. Another important thing regarding this type of display cases is the fact that they have very well finished sides. The tower display case can be either a wall tower or a corner tower, both looking very good on the space of a jewelry store.

Regarding tower display cases we can also talk about light. Because of their form (that of a tower), they usually come with standard top lights. There is also a possibility to use side lights. The most used and also the most helpful types of lights are halogen and LED. Same as museum-style display cases, tower display cases are made by craftsmen and are very long-lasting.

Wall Mounted Jewelry Display CasesWall mounted Jewelry Display Cases

Quality craftsmanship is the most important feature of these wall display cases. This type of display cases is usually used to display all kinds of small objects of art, but also jewelry. You may wonder why more and more jewelry store owners choose to buy such display cases instead of the traditional ones? The answer is simple: because it offers the craved advantage space. Using a wall display case you can free up some floor space in order to give your customers more room to move and walk around.

That free space can also be used to display more jewelry items. One of the most interesting styles of wall display cases is the so-called “curio” display case. The main feature of this style is the fact that it can be locked, preventing unwanted accessing of valuable products by customers when the sales person’s supervision is not possible. Other styles of wall display cases include: angled front display cases (they have open view glass front and an aluminum frame), shot glass display cases or lighted display cases (available in box or curved front design).