Our main goal is to provide you with the best jewelry storage solutions available. Jewelry armoires are by far the most versatile pieces of decorative furniture you can find. They are perfect for any type of accessory, offering enormous storage space and amazing compartmentalization solutions. This will help you keep collections together, avoid tangled necklaces and bracelets, as well as saving time and space in your home.

Jewelry armoire price ranges vary greatly and can be accessible to any budget, but there are also some that are as expensive as they are magnificent.

We have created a top of the most expensive jewelry armoires for your delight and information. We’ll take it easy and start with some prices that won’t blow our mind.

20. Oriental Furniture – Gold Leaf Floor Jewelry Armoire

Gold Leaf Chinese Traditional Design Style Jewelry Armoire

Our journey begins with this fantastic jewelry armoire that is hand-crafted in the specific style of the Ming Dynasty from China. It is also hand-painted with a courtyard scene, covered with antique brass accents and provided with a lacquered gold leaf finish. This beautiful piece of decorative furniture is crafted in a third generation family run factory in mainland China. They respect the traditional handicrafts that have been passed down from generation to generation.

On the interior, it offers a mirror, three large storage compartments and nine drawers.

19. Hooker – Seven Seas Jewelry Armoire with Mirror

Seven Seas Premium Jewelry Armoire

Crafted from Hardwood Solids and Mahogany Veneers, hand-painted with a rich brown gresso finish, black rub and gold highlights, this jewelry armoire belongs to the Seven Seas Collection from Hooker. The decorative element sculpted onto its surface represent rope twists, thus encompassing it into the traditional style of furniture. It can be either wall-mounted or free-standing as long as enough support is provided.

It presents a full length mirrored door, which opens to reveal a felt-lined interior with two shelves, dedicated ring storage, multiple necklace and tie hooks and various pouches for other types of jewelry.

18. Amish Conestoga Collection – Deluxe Jewelry Armoire with Rope Twist

Amish Style Premium Wood Jewelry Armoire

Following in the style of the previous armoire, we have this lovely piece from Amish Conestoga Collection. Made from solid Oak or Cherry wood, this jewelry armoire comes with ornated drawer handles and a sculpted rope twist ornament.

It provides its owner with 7 drawers that can be compartmentalized or simple and two side doors with two rows of hooks for necklaces.

17. Elegant Lighting – 4 Drawers Jewelry Armoire in Sliver and Antique

Antique Style Silver Premium Jewelry Armoire

A phenomenal jewelry armoire that brings a unique shine to the room it is positioned in. Manufactured by the Elegant Lighting Company, the gorgeous armoire comes with a solid hardwood construction, covered in glass, underneath which it is finished with an aged mirror, given by the silver leaf accents.

It offers 4 spacious drawers for all types of jewelry as well as two side doors that contain hooks for necklaces.

16. Bassett Mirror Company – Collette Mirrored Jewelry Armoire

Collette Premium Mirrored Jewelry Armoire

Since these pieces of decorative furniture seem to come in pairs, here we have yet another antiqued mirror style jewelry armoire. It is made from hardwood and, as previously mentioned, it is covered with antiqued mirror and silver and gold leaf. Created by the Bassett Mirror company, this armoire is inspired by classical designs that have withstood the test of time and are now easy to incorporate into contemporary homes.

It offers owners 6 spacious drawers, a side storage compartment, and a lift-up-lid.

15. Duchamps – Storage Mirror

Duchamps Premium Jewelry Storage Mirror & Armoire

A beautiful free-standing wall-attached jewelry armoire, the Duchamps Storage Mirror. It is crafted from hardwood and veneer which is painted in silver with a distressed finish.

The full-length mirrored door opens to provide a felt lined interior with 36 clear pouches for both earrings and brooches, 36 cushioned ring slots, 20 double hooks for necklaces and bracelets as well as two shelves for other types of accessories or toiletries.

14. Global – Jewelry Armoire

Global - Premium Jewelry Armoire

A sturdy and imposing jewelry armoire from Global. It is manufactured from solid wood with a white Italian finish, a dark textured trim and a Roman architectural pattern on each of its doors. These doors are also adorned with antiqued knobs and ring pulls.

13. Hooker – Rhapsody Floor Jewelry Armoire with Mirror

Hooker - Premium Floor Jewelry Armoire with Mirror

Here we have yet another addition from Hooker. From the Rhapsody collection, this jewelry armoire can be both free-standing and wall-mounted, depending on what your specific needs. It disposes of a full-length mirror that complements its rustic style perfectly and gray finish.

It includes multiple necklace and tie hooks and 42 jewelry pouches for all your valuables.

12. Viking Log Furniture – Northwoods Log Jewelry Chest

Northwoods Premium Wood Log Jewelry Chest

Manufactured by Viking Log Furniture, this lovely armoire is crafted from honey pine and belongs to the Northwoods Collection. Moreover, it was finished with moisture resistant catalyzed lacquer to protect the entire cabinet. Each detail, such as accent logs, handles, drawer fronts and the top have been hand knifed to offer the piece a rustic style.

The armoire has 5 drawers that are lined with black fabric to prevent scratches and other types of damage to jewelry, as well as dividers to keep everything tangle free. It also provides two side doors that contain two rows of hooks for necklaces, that close with the help of a magnetic system. The top lid also flips open to reveal a mirror and yet another divided compartment.

11. French Heritage – Lilles Armoire a Bijoux

Traditional French Style Wood Jewelry Armoire

From the master crafters at French Heritage, we have the Lillies Jewelry Armoire crafted from maple and mahogany wood.

It provides users with nine spacious drawers, that are lined with wallpaper to protect jewelry and two side doors that contain hooks for storing necklaces. Moreover, it has a lift up top that opens to reveal a crystal mirror.

10. Hooker – Melange Vera Floor Mirror with Jewelry Storage Finish

Melange Premium Mirror Jewelry Storage

Another Hooker jewelry armoire finds its way in our top. Crafted from solid wood, veneers and MDF, that go through a 16 step process to achieve this splendid jewelry armoire. It also disposes of a gold leaf finish and a full-length mirror.

In terms of storage, it offers multiple pouches to help owners keep collections together or bracelets and earrings. It has shelves, cushioned ring pads and enough necklace hooks to accommodate all lengths.

9. Nature’s Knots Custom Furniture – Large Jewelry Armoire

Custom Wood Nature Theme Jewelry Armoire

An extra large jewelry armoire custom created from solid wood.

It presents over 40 drawers meaning it can accommodate even the largest of jewelry collections.

8. Agresti – Bird’s Eye Maple Jewelry Armoire

Agresti Premium Maple Simple Jewelry Armoire

We have now entered the price ascension. Agresti is one of the top jewelry armoire manufacturers in the world so we will be seeing a lot of their products within this final part of the countdown.

This particular piece, the Bird’s Eye Maple Jewelry Armoire, is handcrafted from solid bird’s eye maple wood, as the name suggests, with 24-karat gold plated brass accessories. Made in Italy, and topped off with a matte cream finish, it provides any home with a rustic charm and a functional jewelry storage solution.

It features an adjustable mirror in the top compartment, locking side doors with necklace hooks, 6 top lockable drawers, each lined with ultra-suede to protect their valuable content. Furthermore, there are 5 lower drawers, that are larger and can accommodate either toiletries, scarves and ties or even lingerie and other personal products.

7. Agresti – Elm Briarwood Jewelry Armoire

Agresti Briarwood Premium Jewelry Armoire

Another delightful jewelry armoire from Agresti. Handcrafted in Florence, Italy by the skilled artisans in their team from elm briar and mahogany and finished with a matte briarwood tone and 24-karat gold plated brass accessories.

The 5-foot tall armoire offers 23 drawers all lined with ultra-suede, 20 of which are lockable, offering its owner tremendous storage space for all valuable items and other personal products and accessories. The top compartment opens to reveal a large, adjustable mirror and a secret compartment. Moreover, the top section features 2 pullout necklace bars and 2 more folding necklace bars. To top everything off they also offer a travel jewelry box that matches this wooden masterpiece.

6. Scully & Scully – Il Grande Scrigno Jewelry Armoire, Ebony

Most expensive jewelry armoires Il grande scrigno

Scully & Scully is yet another top jewelry armoire manufacturer. This particular piece is also crafted in Italy from black bird’s eye maple and boubinga.

The jewelry armoire disposes of 23 drawers, along with 4 swing out rods for necklaces. 17 of the smaller drawers are divided to offer an impeccable organization of jewelry items and collections. One in 3 medium drawers is fitted for watches while the final, 3 large drawers provide enough space for other personal items. It also offers a top compartment that features an adjustable mirror, a pouch and multiple divided compartments.

All drawers are lined with ultra-suede and the top and middle sections lock with individual keys.

On top of everything they also offer a matching travel jewelry box.

5. Scully & Scully – Armoured Jewelry Armoire Safe

Most expensive jewelry armoires armoured

Another exquisite armoire crafted by Scully & Scully in Italy. Handmade of elm briar wood and mahogany wood along with 24-karat gold-plated brass hardware and a copper plated steel safe for maximum protection of the valuable items you want to store inside.

It is advised for it to be anchored to a wall with the provided metal screws to ensure maximum safety. The armored jewelry armoire opens with a digital touch keypad or an emergency key system.

This beautiful construction provides 8 drawers, 7 of which are divided and configured to store watches, rings, and pierced earrings. The final drawer is designed with an open space to accommodate other larger, valuable items. Each of this drawers is lined with ultra-suede to prevent any kind of damage. Moreover, it presents two open shelves at the bottom. The top compartment contains a mirror and allows access to 8 other smaller compartments in varied, assorted sizes.

4. Agresti – Italian Jewelry Armoire with Safe – White Maple

White Maple Premium Jewelry Armoire with Safe

Nearing the end of ou journey, the prices are becoming more and more spicy. This Agresti jewelry armoire is handmade in Florence, Italy from pure-white bird’s eye maple, giving it a refined and simple look that actually hides a solid steel safe. It also incorporates 24-karat pink gold plated handles.

The armoire includes specialized ring, watch, earring, bracelet and necklace storage within its ultra-soft fabric lined drawers that prevent scratches and other types of damage to the precious items nested inside. The two lockable bottom drawers camouflage 11 additional drawers that are meant to help keep everything neatly organized.

The locking mechanism uses advanced biometrics, meaning that the safe opens only with a legitimate fingerprint from authorized users.

With this utterly sophisticated piece, they include professional delivery and installation.

3. Agresti – Italian Armored Wood Jewelry Armoire

Agresti Premium Italian Wood Jewelry Armoire

As above mentioned, Agresti is one of the top providers of high-end jewelry armoires, and they have managed to win the final 4 positions in our top.

This piece is handcrafted from mahogany and elm burl with a matte briarwood finish. It incorporates the same solid steel safe as the previous jewelry armoire we have discussed above, being a variation of its predecesor. Instead of the pink gold, this model has handles plated with pure 24-karat gold. It also includes the same advanced biometric locking mechanism that can open with the legitimate fingerprint of up to 99 users, as well as with an emergency key. This is run by two 9-volt batteries.

It provides owners with specialized storage compartments for all types of jewelry in 6 drawers and the 2 bottom lockable drawers that porvide additional divided spaces for organizing valuables. All drawers are lined with soft fabric to prevent tarnish or scratching of the items.

2. Agresti – Italian White Armored Jewelry Armoire

White Italian Wood Premium Jewelry Armoire

2nd place in our top most expensive jewelry armoires goes to the Italian White Armored Jewelry Armoire. Handcrafted from pure white bird’s eye maple with ruthenium-plated brass accessories, by the master artisans at Agresti, this model offers owners over 6 ft of highly secure jewelry storage.

On the inside, it has a white solid-steel safe that contains 23 white leather lined drawers and 2 pull out necklace bars. The safe uses the highly secure advanced biometric locking mechanism and emergency key.

This extremely refined and sophisticated armoire offers storage for any kind of jewelry item, from rings and earrings, to necklaces, bracelets, brooches and other accessories. It can also incorporate 16 Swiss-made watch winder, at the request of the client.

1. Agresti – Italian Ebony Winders Jewelry Armoire

Premium Italian Ebony Jewelry Armoire

1st place goes to the Italian Ebony Winders Jewelry Armoire from Agresti. As the name would suggest it is handmade by the experts of the Italian company from ebony with a grand polished finish. It also includes ruthenium-plated brass accessories and a white nickel handle. Making it the perfect choice for a luxury setting.

The locking mechanism is comprised o the same exclusive advanced biometric lock and emergency key system that uses 2 9-volt batteries. These batteries also power the 16 automatic watch winders that are trimmed in front with white leather and made in Switzerland. This feature helps wind automatic watches by rotating continually so they don’t stop.

The jewelry armoire itself contains 17 drawers that provide ample storage space for rings, watches, earrings, and necklaces.

If you would like to know more about this amazing jewelry storage solution or to find the perfect one f0r you, then we invite you to go through our Jewelry Armoire Buyer’s Guide. Here you will find everything and we mean absolutely everything there is to know about these miraculous pieces of decorative furniture.

This concludes our Top Most Expensive / Premium Jewelry Armoires. If you do want one, but aren’t willing to spend thousands of dollars, we invite you to choose from our fantastic selection of jewelry armoires for sale or look at our Top 30 Jewelry Armoires Worth Buying (lots of good deals included). We offer a wide range of jewelry armoires for all types of budgets and for any kind of home or store decor.

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