Whether we like it or not, looks matter. They say to not judge a book by its cover, but in many situations, the cover can either make or break an impression. Jewelry by themselves are some amazingly beautiful items, so imagine ending someone’s jewelry purchasing experience with a “not-so-amazing” packaging. Be it intended as a gift or not, jewelry should always be presented and handled in a gracious way. Not only that you should pack jewelry for its protection and safety, but you should also realize that packaging provides opportunities for branding and customer loyalty.

Just try to put yourself in the shoes of a customer. Imagine going to this very fancy jewelry store and finding the perfect item that you have always dreamed of. You enthusiastically make the purchase and you wait for the sales lady to bring you the shopping bag, but what do you see? A plain bag with an even simpler package. Would you visit that shop again? Probably not, with all the other options on the market.

In many cases, details like product packaging, lighting or showcasing ruin a shopping experience. Coming up with a way to make your customer’s experience more unique and original can increase sales, good company image and brand loyalty. Consider investing in these and wait for the results. You will see how much sales you can generate by only doing simple things like improving your packaging.

With all these being said, we put up a list of tips to help you improve your jewelry packaging and eventually your business potential. Take notes and get to work! Creativity is a must.

  • Jewelry Branding

When opening a jewelry store, you should also create your brand. The term “branding” refers to the idea of creating an image of who you are and what your business consists of, as well, in your customer’s mind. For example, let’s say you want to primarily sell tiaras. The way in which you present yourself through these products will develop a brand that you will eventually be known for by your customers.

Try thinking of something meaningful that represents you. Maybe you wore your first tiara in kindergarten and it was decorated with stars or whatnot. That star can be used as a print on all of your packagings now, and it can be so unique that when people first see that design, they will instantly think about you.

  • Decide on a theme

Maybe not everyone wants to get personal, so there are other ways in which you can spice up your packaging. Go elegant, girly, vintage or professional, but stick to a particular theme. This will not only make a branding for your jewelry, but it will also make it easier for people to recall. Match your product packaging to your store’s overall design and don’t forget to come up with a design that matches the nature of your jewelry items.

  • Add Basic Business Information

Never underestimate the power of packaging as a promotional tool. Along with the official company logo, include in customer’s shopping bag basic information of your business, such as phone number, address, social media handles and websites. Just put all these together on a creative packaging and you are one step ahead in promoting your precious store.

  • Encourage repeat sales

When your customer gets home and opens the shopping bag, you have his/her attention, so this is the moment when you should encourage future sales, in addition to working on customer loyalty so that they will want to purchase again from you sometime. A way in which you can do so is by offering just a little “thank you” item.

This doesn’t have to be anything huge, just something that the person might actually use, related to the item that they have just received. Maybe some extra beads to a bracelet or another pair of enclosures for a pair of earrings.

  • Leave a message

Many brands use this technique for making their customer’s experience just a little bit more personal. A thank you note or a little card written by hand, describing the purchased item or the brand’s purpose will instantly make you look a little more professional in front of your customers. They will feel pampered and well taken care of and will remember this when they consider buying jewelry again.

For instance, a particular jewelry retailer includes in every packaging a delicate dried leaf native to the area she is from. Another jewelry retailer uses a special sticker to seal the tissue paper. When used consistently, these small signature touches can add perceived value and build loyalty and comfort for your brand. Hence, your customers will come to appreciate and expect your consistent identity, the more they shop with you.

  • Keep it unique and simple

Competition nowadays is tough when everyone else is selling the same fashion necklaces and earrings, so one of the best ways to make your products pop-up is through a unique packaging. However, many jewelry retailers make the mistake of overdoing this practice. Keep it simple, but make it unique! And don’t forget that more than the box, the real star of the show is laying inside of it – the jewelry.

Ultimately, your packaging should be consistent with every piece of jewelry you sell. Customers will notice immediately even the smallest change you bring to your packaging practice and you want to offer all your customers the same experience when coming to your store. Keep in mind your businesses’ purpose and keep up with your plan!