Brown Minimalist Wooden Jewelry Display ConesEvery jewelry store owner knows that having such a store is not so complicated, but selling jewelry items can really be difficult. Anyone who wants to get involved in this business should know that even though the jewelry business is considered to be a profitable one, there are a lot of things that have to be considered to achieve that. Having a space where you can display your newly bought pieces of jewelry is not enough.

In order to sell your jewelry, you have to know how this business really works. Well, you need to know that even though you have really nice pieces of jewelry, they will not sell by themselves. Any retail business needs a merchandising strategy. In terms of jewelry, the best strategy is that based on visual. Jewelry visual merchandising is considered to be an essential component of jewelry retail sales because it brings forward what we call “the customer’s shopping experience”. Visual merchandising usually refers to the overall image of a store, from the exterior to the interior, from the window display to the inside of a certain display case.

Therefore, if you know how to make your jewelry items attract attention, then the job is half done. The fact that visual merchandising can improve sales is certain. In this article, we will try to present you how exactly can visual merchandising do that.

Visual merchandising explained

Small Jewelry Display PropHow should we think about visual merchandising so we can understand it better? Well, we have to think about visual merchandising as a very clever thing that can make the whole work of a sales person. Visual merchandising is capable of helping customers finding their products more easily. Also, visual merchandising is responsible for providing customers with advice, solutions, or even inspiration on certain products. It is important for every jewelry store owner to develop all the areas of their store presentation in order to promote both the product range and the product in a more effective way. First of all, it is important to have a well organized and appealing window display.

The most efficient strategy for getting all that you can from your window display is to make sure that you show off your best pieces your jewelry without falling into the trap of overcrowding the display. Secondly, it is important to know how to display your jewelry items. Display cases are essential for every jewelry store. Display cases combined with the right props and fixtures can make your jewelry items shine and attract customer’s attention and, thus, increase sales.

You can always innovate and display your jewelry items in novel ways using jewelry trees, jewelry boards and frames, jewelry bowls, so on and so forth. Last but not least, lighting plays an important role in visual merchandising. Choosing the right ambient light and the light used to highlight certain pieces of jewelry can be of great help in selling your products.  All these things are very important for an efficiently run of a jewelry store.

Everything mentioned before can make a jewelry store be more effective and productive and can also work for creating or improving a brand. If you own a jewelry store, selling your products should not be the limit. If you limit yourself only to this, you will not have a successful jewelry business. The most important thing is to make your customers to return to your store and become faithful clients. The only way in which you can do this is by transforming your product into a brand.

Does visual merchandising affect customers?

There is a fact that we can tell you for sure that is true – visual merchandising is all about trying to understand what a customer needs and trying to satisfy that need. So, the answer to this question is clear. If you, as a jewelry store owner, understand what you are selling, whom you are selling to, and who are those against you compete, then you can easily define your visual merchandising strategy and, therefore, deliver great solutions for improving the customer’s shopping experience.

You can try to do this all by yourself, or you can ask for professional help. There are a lot of experts in design, space planning or presentation that can always help you to apply the best visual merchandising strategy based on the consumer’s approach.

Better visual merchandising, more customers, better sales

We do not intend to make here an apology for visual merchandising, but we cannot neglect the importance of it. Believe it or not, visual merchandising is considered to be the best 21st century set of tools that retail business has. A well implemented jewelry visual merchandising cannot only increase sales, but can also have a great impact on what, when and how customers buy.

A good visual merchandising can make all of this in a number of different ways, such as: by increasing certain types of jewelry items that people usually buy, the number of that items, the frequency of purchases, the brands that people select, so on and so forth. Let’s try to visualize some practical examples. For example, a very good visual merchandising strategy could refer to making the location of certain items more appealing or making a special location where you can put certain jewelry items on promotion.

In this way you can increase both volume and rate of sale.  Another useful and commonly used visual merchandising technique is to group different jewelry items together in order to create a higher value and to help selling the ones that usually are harder to sell. Because of the fact that globalization is a real phenomenon and, nowadays, people have the chance to travel anywhere in the world much easier and much faster than before, having a consistent brand image can be a very helpful thing.

A consistent and recognizable brand can be a key factor in providing customers with the trust they usually expect from a brand. All these aspects can make the selling process much easier.