It is amazing how the human mind has created so many beautiful and creative ways to present jewelry and watches and how much attention people have attributed to something that to some of us, might not seem really valuable. These decorative items are more than just an object – people like wearing watches and other pieces of jewelry for a variety of psychological and emotional reasons.

But what is more, before buying a watch, we first need to search for it; and here is where the way such jewelry is presented can affect us. For instance, if we see a watch that is completely opposed to our style and to what we would usually wear, but its case, the lighting and the store are gorgeously adequate, we will be tempted to buy it. On the other side, the same thing can happen to the most stunning watch ever.

However, the jewelry watch displays can be varied as well. There is a multitude of factors and criteria to be taken into consideration when creating or buying a display, such as the form, the usage and other features. These factors will later influence the future clientele or will affect the ambiance or the general mood of a room or a store. The following classification and description of each important jewelry watch display should be useful to anyone who is finding himself in need to know more about this vast subject:

By form

#1. Watch Jewelry Display Case

The first thing almost everyone has in mind when seeing this type of case is that it looks like a suitcase – thing that is partially correct: it is opening just like a box and it can even have a locker on it (for safety reason).

This type of case is extremely useful for a large number of reasons: first of all, it keeps the watches protected and secondly, organized as well.

All of this due to the fact it is compartmented in small “boxes” that can be upholstered with any kind of textile material.

#2. Watch Jewelry Display Tray

Mostly preferred by women, this type of display implies elegance and refinery. It is basically composed of one compartmented simple tray (just as the previous display – meaning that it offers mainly the same advantages) with some tiny pillows inside each of them. On these pillows, the watches will be put on.
Usually, it is recommended the colors of the pillows to be black or white or any kind of neutral color, because it will help the watches stand out and a contrast will be created.

#3. Watch Jewelry Display Sets

These sets are commonly suggested for people who have extended collections of watches. The amazing thing concerning these sets is that there is not only one model: as the definition says, a set is a number, group, or combination of things of similar nature, design, or function. Therefore, a set can come in a large range of shapes and sizes, but as they are similar, they are perfect for exposing in the same place more watches. Like this, the décor of a room will not be ruined by 10 holders that are made out of different colors, materials, fabrics and so on.

#4. Watch Mannequin Display

Despite the fact most people only consider this type as just being “a hand”, this is one of the displays that can be as creative and artistic as possible.

It is not a rule to have a regular hand mannequin that respects the rules of anatomy – it can be of any color and the material can have any texture (for example, shiny or matte, even with a pattern), it can be really long (to have more available space to expose the watches) and slim (to denote elegance).

#5. Watch Jewelry Holder Display

Both simple and practical, this type of display is the one we see the most often in stores – and there are good reasons why this is so. It is, firstly, affordable and easy to use; there is no secret technology behind them, all you have to do is literally put the watch on a tube.

Furthermore, as it is so simply designed (without any pretentious models or vivid colors), any type of watch will look fabulous, no matter if we are talking about women or men watches.

#6. Watch Jewelry Box Display

Very similar to the first presented display (The Watch Jewelry Display Case), they are very much alike and therefore, they mostly offer the same benefices. One of the main differences between them that can be easily seen it that this type usually has a see-through “window”. As the watches are put in their own compartment, someone can look at them without having to open the box every time. This can be a great economy of time is certain situations.

#7. Watch Display Rack 

 Many people like to consider this holder as being the Watch Jewelry Holder Display, but only adapted. The thing is that if the previous holder can be used for putting bracelets on it too, this is specially designed for watches only. It has some sort of semicircles (usually made out of plastic) on which the watches are going to be put on. This model is a real life-saver for someone who needs to thoroughly manage its space.

#8. Watch Pouches 

 Frequently preferred by men, this kind of watch display is really easy to use and it is perfect for men who like to travel. The pouch protects really well the watch and prevents any outside damage – such as scratches. It is usually made out of leather (or imitation of leather), a thing that offers style.

#9. Watch Display Winder

As the name suggests, the purpose of this automatic display is to maintain and wind the watch, thanks to the excellent materials they are created from. They are mainly handmade and each piece is polished – it can come in different colors and styles and people can choose the one that suits their style and taste perfect.

#10. Glass Display Dome

The dome can be basically used for any kind of item – anything can be put in it and still look fabulous. Along the human history, many pieces have been displayed like this, but nothing has succeeded in looking as gorgeous as a tasteful watch. However, it is recommended to keep the watch in a simple style, without too many details on it, just to maintain a classy and fancy look.

By use

#1. Multi Presentation Box

In this type of box, a large number and variety of watches can be displayed, in some cases, it can have a special drawer, thing that offers more space. It is not an obligation for the watches to be the same model, color, or brand. As long as the box is painted in a neutral color and the textile from inside, the watches will still be a match one for another.

#2 .Single Presentation Box

 Exclusively used for unique watches, the type that are eye-catching and will attract one’s attention immediately. In most cases, valuable, expensive and collectable watches will be presented in this manner, because they are one of a kind.

For instance, if one watch needs to be sold, this type of box will immediately look important and customers will take into consideration buying it.

#3. Storage Case

 As the name can easily imply, this type will handle large quantities of items and it can hold unimaginable numbers of watches. It is also a good way to protect the watches, because it is usually made out of metal, but plastic as well from time to time. It is also compartmented, so the items do not get mixed together. It is not the most beautiful case, but it will surely get the job done.

#4. Travel Pouch

This is one of the models that will have on it any possible design, because they can be printed on as well, it can have a pattern on it, a picture or maybe our favorite painting. One of its many advantages is that it will keep safe any kind of watch and it is really easy to protect such a valuable item using a pouch, because inside it is coated with thick and fluffy material.

However, it should not just be randomly thrown in a suitcase and  be forgotten in there for a long period of it – the pouch will protect the watch from eventual scratches, but it can still be crashed by heavy weights.

#5. Pocket Watch Display Case

 Offering the vibe of an art exhibition or maybe of a museum, this type of case is suggested to be used with antique or collectable watches. It can also hold more than just one watch. Imagine putting a really futuristic watch in a wooden case like this one, it does not just feel appropriate. The wood and the transparent glass are projected in such a way to remind us of the times that have passed.

#6. Pocket Watch Display Stand

Opposing to the Pocket Watch Display Case, this stand is designed for holding only one watch. Just as the Single Presentation Box, it will make the watch look more valuable.

But here, because the stand can be made out of any kind of material (whether we are talking about wood, plastic that is transparent or colorful, metal and so on) any watch will look good.

#7. Men’s watch case: This type of case truly inspires masculinity (and not only because of its name). It is often considered the best present for a man who has many watches and who knows how to cherish them.

Mainly, it is similar to the Watch Jewelry Display Case, but this is exclusive for men. The spaces designed for watches are specially made for men watches that are usually larger.


#1. Lighted Watch Display

We often see this display as we are walking down the street during the night time – it is the one from the showcases. This type is good advertising because, let’s be honest, who has not passed by a store and saw something that it stole their heart and first thing the following morning was to go in there and buy the item as soon as possible?

And if the lighting is chosen correctly (if it is coming from the right place, if it is the appropriate color and intensity and so on), the watch will look amazing; therefore, the person returning to the store will come remembering the image from the previous night.

#2. Stackable Watch Display

Even if the name sounds so pretentious, the concept itself is quite simple: it consists of one tray that can be divided into little compartments. Here is where the variety can show up: the compartments can be whether rectangular, whether squared – the decision belong to the owner of the display.

Each form brings its advantages: the rectangular one keeps the strap of the watch straight, but the squared one keeps the watches more secure. Anyhow, they are both possible.

#3. Mirrored Watch Display

The mirror exists on the box strictly for design reasons – it will not affect the watches in any circumstances, but the same thing cannot be said about the person trying to find a watch. For instance, imagine you are in a store, browsing through different models of watches, maybe in need to buy one.

Be that as it may, you find this beautiful box on a shelf and decide to open it – and there you have it: splendid watches lying before your own eyes. As you find the one that you like the most, you decide to put in around your wrist; but at first, you are not sure if this is the right call for you, so you check your hand out into the mirror that is incorporated on the box – and you just love it. This is what a simple mirror can do.

#4. Lockable Watch Display

It is obvious that this kind of displays bring many advantages: it is truly important to keep you goods safe and to know nobody could steal something from your jewelry box. No one likes to spend their time while they are not home thinking about the fact that if a thief gets into the house, he will still someone’s collection of expensive watches.
But using something as simple as a lock, things get way much easier. Using such a display can be beneficial as well in a store; being able to lock a box with extravagant watches really saves the day.

#5. Rotating Watch Display

This is the display that can make quite an impression upon everybody, especially if it is situated in a place where all the people who are passing can see it. What is more, people can notice all the details and they can look at whatever they want to without even touching the watch.

#6. Pillow Cushion Display

This type of display is both fun and creative – it can be easily made at home, because it is not that difficult to sew some material with some stuffing in it. Nonetheless, it looks amazing and it will look extremely good in any type of surrounding – in a store or in a regular room. The pillow can be of any color, material and form, thing that offers a lot of freedom.