It is not surprising to see retailers put a lot of effort, time and resources to produce traditional signs for their shops. This is the trend nowadays despite technology advancement and proliferation of social media networking sites.

The customary signage remains an important advertising tool to communicate the desired message to consumers. However, most customers if not all spend only three to five seconds to take a look at your signage. You must craft content that will supply them with sufficient information and convince these people to go inside.

A poor and amateurish sign will only confuse customers and probably convey an unconstructive message about your business, store and merchandise.

Different Types of Signage

  • Decorative Decal
The decal highlights special offers or deals especially for a particular season like Christmas. This sign is economical and helps set the tone for the holidays or Thanksgiving Day even before shoppers walk to your front entrance.

  • A-Frame Marker at the Sidewalks
This signage will depend on the shop’s location. It may be positioned outside the front entrance to attract shoppers. Retailers can utilize the space to advertise promos and perks such as free gift-wrapping. Said signs are customizable, attention-grabbing and contribute to a homely atmosphere compared to signs mounted on walls.

  • Customized Signs
This kind of sign is effective in retail advertising. Custom signage promoting a discount for a specific duration makes it clear the deal is only good for a short time. These limited-time special deals easily produce profits and encourage customers to come back.

  • Yard Signage
Folded plastic yard signposts and perhaps the cheapest in the market convey a clear message about items on sale. These can be pushed or transferred easily close to the street or right in front of your establishment. The signage is noticeable and inexpensive provided the design is done well. Your style must be consistent to ensure offers remain competitive.

  • Back-Lit Signage
The signage is expensive but the cost is worth it. You can use these signs 24/7 and provide shoppers with some entertainment even for several seconds. However, you need a suitable location or it may be overwhelmed by bigger billboards.

  • Banners
The banner is definitely for all occasions or multi-purpose. It may be used inside the store or outdoor event. It has a broad reach and can be custom-built with attractive graphics and bold fonts. The downside is the signage is unwieldy. It is also difficult to plan the banner since it is not a long-term advertising tool.

  • Channel Letter
The channel letter is a modern 3-D sign that will stand out in a multitude of people. It is made of durable acrylic vinyl and looks impressive day and night if used with LED lights. This type of sign is the best way of promoting your brand. Letters can be mounted on the building or set up in carriers. These letters can be made manually or generated by computers. The first option is more practical for purpose of quality. However, it is more expensive compared to other versions. Installation will take longer since wirings must be concealed.

  • Electronic Signage
The digital signage is programmed and perfect for technology hubs. The sign communicates various messages all at the same time. Nevertheless, it is also pricey and needs regular upkeep. Make sure to invest in well-known brands or incur the risk of constant breakdown.

  • Illuminated Signage
Lighted signs use electricity only during nighttime. It is an ideal choice for companies that wish to maintain a lifetime tradition for customers. It requires maintenance and need regular monitoring. Manufacturing is costly since each part is customized.

  • Individual Cut-Letters
These letters are great for showing off the unique design. It ensures a professional and crisp look for your store especially if it comes along with LED lights. One drawback is complicated (for uneven spaces) and expensive installation. You may need a frame as support for the letters prior to hanging on the wall.

  • Lawn Signs
The lawn signage is made for greens. It has the capacity to entice customers easily. It is not difficult to install and made for mass-production. Lawn signs are also inexpensive but the structures are exposed to all kinds of weather. So, you need to choose a resilient material. There are also ordinances that restrict the use of such signs so do your research before installing this sign.

  • Pylon Signs
Customers can read signage made of pylon or elevated vertical structure from a distant place. It is an effective advertisement even before customers reach your place. It is possible to charge your tenants with monthly fees if they want to place their signs before your own markers. This platform is relatively costly and awkward.

  • Reader Boards
The reader board is customizable and delivers messages without a doubt. It is cool to work with. Maintenance is simple and appropriate for all kinds of retail companies. Keep the letters during winter when the reader board is practically useless. Otherwise, these may get stolen.

  • Graphic Signs
Graphic signage is perfect for details. You can add images that highlight your enterprise as well as products that you sell.

Now that you have seen the different retail signs for your requirements, the next step is to choose one that is cost-effective, remarkable and can help achieve your objectives. This is not an easy task. Keep in mind your major objective is to entice more consumers who will buy your goods and keep on coming back. Competition will be fierce so you need some form of ingenuity to accomplish these goals. You cannot allow competitors to overtake you in terms of advertising. Put plenty of effort and time.  Be more aggressive but prudent to maintain a lead over other retailers.