Retail lighting is by far one of the most important visual elements that grabs shoppers’ attention.

Quality lighting helps provide a fantastic yet simple way to direct traffic inside a store. It makes customers feel good and want to spend more time in your store. Emphasizes merchandise expertly by making colors and textures simply pop out. Keeps employees focused and makes them friendlier.

To achieve all these benefits and more note that there is a lot of planning, designing and thought that goes into the overall store lighting.

We know and understand how difficult it is to get things just right in terms of retail stores, there are so many things to consider and to keep track of that it can feel overwhelming. This is exactly why we want to lend a helping hand and offer some insight on the things that matter.

Feel free to go through our table of contents and read what interests you the most. We are absolutely certain that you will learn something new and help your business blossom.

Unlock The Secrets Of The Retail Lighting Guide:

Why Is Quality Lighting Essential To Retail?

The Importance of Retail Lighting Design

In this section you will find exactly what are the main benefits of investing thought and money in quality lighing.

How Important Is Lighting For Retail Stores?

Lighting Objectives To Consider For Retail Stores

Retail Lighting Design Objective - Amazing Showcase

Here we provide you with a small checklist. It focuses on the objectives that you need to focus on when considering your retail store lighting.

Retail Lighting Objectives To Consider

Getting Started With Light – Definitions & Concepts

Retail Lighting Design 101: Definitions & Concepts

Find out the basic measurement units and concepts that revolve lighting and what they mean for your store design, atmosphere and merchandise display.

Retail Lighting Concepts & Definitions

Types Of Lighting Fixtures For Retail Stores

Types of Lighting Fixtures for Retail Stores

A simple walk through the main types of lighting fixtures that are used in both homes and retail.

Types of Lighting Fixtures for Retail Stores

The Different Layers Of Lighting In Retail

Layers & Styles of Retail Lighting Design

This is a comprehensive section on all the different “Layers of Lighting”. They range from architectural, ambiental, task, decorative to perimeter, showcase, store fixture and fitting room illumination.

Layers & Styles of Retail Lighting

Types Of Light Bulbs


A short and sweet introduction of light bulbs and their efficiency.

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Best Lighting For Different Jewel & Metal Types


We go head to head with the best lighting options jewelry retailers should use.

Section Coming Soon

Best Practices: Jewelry Display Case Lighting


Find out how to integrate the best possible lighting in display cases, for the sake of your valuable merchandise.

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