It is a well-known fact that every jewelry store owner wants to become successful by selling his items and transform his or her products into a real brand. This is a real and achievable thing if one takes into consideration a few important aspects. The first aspect refers to choosing and organizing the location very carefully. A well-organized space with display cases placed wisely can attract the passer-by and can transform him or her into a customer or even a faithful client. Another important aspect refers to the types of display cases, showcases, props and other jewelry fixtures you choose.

All of these depend on the type of jewelry you are going to sell and also on the store space you own. Lighting is another important aspect to take into consideration when you choose to sell jewelry. The different types of lighting can help you to make jewelry more appealing – therefore more sellable. Last, but not least, there is an aspect that is as important as the other ones already mentioned. This last aspect refers to design. When we say design we refer to the design of the display cases, showcases, props and other jewelry fixtures, but more specific to jewelry design.

It is very important for each jewelry store to have pieces of jewelry with a special design, a design which is elegant and at the same time unique. Some pieces of jewelry dedicated to women (we have to admit that usually women wear more jewelry than men and also more often) must have special or unique designs. Why is that?

Well, I do not think that any woman who wears a jewelry item would want to see the same piece worn by other women. Ok, it is true that such a thing can happen, but that is why jewelry design is important. In the rest of this article, we will talk about how important the design is in terms of jewelry merchandising.

We all know, without taking a course, that merchandising in general and jewelry merchandising, in particular, can be described as the art of selling your products using different methods and techniques, from attractive display to branding. Jewelry merchandising is not only about selling jewelry, it is also about variety, about different style and design jewelry from which a potential customer could choose from.

A thing that happens very often and in almost every jewelry store can be described like this – a customer enters a jewelry store and he or she is attracted to a display case which have in the middle a very spectacular piece of jewelry, which is most of the time pretty expensive. Well, very often the customer decides that the so-called “high-end” jewelry item is too expensive for her or his budget and looks at the other pieces of jewelry displayed nearby.

Nine times out of ten the customer will buy a pair of earrings or a nice pendant which is displayed close by to the main expensive piece. Therefore, this variety comes from jewelry design. The design is very important for both jewelers and jewelry store owners because it helps them become more visible in the market and also creating a reputation for themselves. A big mistake which both jewelers and jewelry store owners make is creating or selling every sort of jewelry items. We already said that variety is a positive thing, but it does not have to be overexploited.

Every jewelry store owner who wants to be successful in this business has to consider being more original than others, trying to sell pieces of jewelry with a distinctive, special or unique design. This is the method you have to use if you want to enter into the hall of fame of the jewelry business and not just selling your jewelry items.

There are plenty of examples in the history of mankind. Think about this: would the name of Van Gogh sound familiar today if he wasn’t a little bit crazy and if he hadn’t created his own style, his own vision? It is more than clear that one’s work can be known by its approach. Anyone who wants to become famous has to hall-mark his or her work. The same thing stands for jewelry merchandising, too.

How can you actually do this thing? Well, if you are a jewelry store owner, the first thing you need to do is learn about your niche in order to narrow what you really want to sell. You have to think about which materials you want your jewelry items to be made from and also about what designs should it have. After choosing the material(s) and the design(s) of your jewelry items you should consider variety.

Depending on the niche you have chosen, you should try to find your own style and imprint your own hall-mark on your jewelry items, by selling not only rings or earrings, but also bracelets, pins, pendants, necklaces, cufflinks so on and so forth. You could also get pieces of jewelry of the same type and create special collections. For each collection you can create a story that can be used as a marketing strategy.

In order to be successful and for the jewelry items to be sold, every collection should have a story or a description. People need stories in their lives every day, not only when they are very young. These collections we have talked about should also have interesting names and should be promoted by different marketing materials and packaging. With patience and a good strategy the pieces of jewelry you sell can become a brand which can be known by your name or your store’s name.

Therefore, jewelry design is a decisive factor in the making of a good jewelry merchandising plan. The importance of such a plan comes from the fact that you can easily talk about what you are selling not only to the so-called “ultimate” consumer, but also to the “rookie” who stands behind the counter of your store.