Holders are one of the absolute must-have pieces if you are a jewelry lover but even if you own only a pair of earrings and two necklaces, they are certainly helpful. First of all, a holder keeps your pieces untangled and nicely arranged so you don’t lose anything and maintain them properly. Other than for practical reasons, you can totally use holders for their visual appearance only, as they come in various shapes and sizes. There is a jewelry holder for every occasion, personality, room, color and so on. It’s practically impossible not to find one for your needs, but we have a feeling you might have a problem deciding between several ones *wink, wink*.

To make it easier for you and help you choose the right holder, here is a complete guide with information about every type you can possibly find on the market. It’s organized into categories so it’s easier to read and to find what you need if you only want to read something specific in the future. Enjoy!

By use

#1. Necklace holders

These are designed for pendants, necklaces and lockets only and they are a sort of hangers for these jewels. Their best attribute is that they keep your pieces untangled and ready for use at any time. The fact that you see them sitting like that helps you in choosing the right one for your outfit without digging for them in some box and trying all of them.

Everything is organized and ready to use! You can find them in various shapes like trees with branches, dolls, flowers but there are also simple ones, so choose what is best fitted for you. Due to this variation and the way that these jewels hang, these holders make beautiful room ornaments too so don’t be afraid to go a little crazy if needed.

#2. Bracelet holders

These holders are really good at portraying your personality since they are made mostly for specific sets, so if you have expensive, sophisticated bracelets, you might choose a velvet-covered holder or something similar that goes with the jewels.

The most popular type is the one that looks like a tube and holds multiple bracelets, but there are other models too. The material can range from plastic to wood to metal, covered in fabric or not, carved or not, and lastly, available in any color on earth.

It’s a little hard to decide but look at the surroundings, how your room is decorated, what jewels you want to display and what other holders you have in your collection.

#3. Earring holders

Earrings need holders the most since they get lost so often and most of them are simply too tiny to deal with. Since the demand is so high for these products they have the greatest variety that goes from simple, classical pieces to the most crazy unicorn shaped ones. Since earrings come themselves in such different shapes and sizes, we suggest getting one that can hold all types, including studs. You should also get a big one because, let’s face it, every girl has an endless earring collection, so when you buy a new pair it has a prepared place in your house.

#4. Watch holders

Most of them look just like bracelet holders, just a little bit fancier, covered in velvet, with rich colors, or made from leather with golden details. The purpose of all of these features is to make the product look more sophisticated and give you the feeling of luxury.

Watch holders can also come as boxes with several compartments or as little pillows with watches going around them. A set like this might cost a little more due to the fact that it’s destined for more expensive products and more pretentious clients, but it’s worth it. Take care of your watches and pamper yourself with a holder like this!

#5. Ring holders

If you ask us, these types of holders are the prettiest because rings don’t need much space or complicated installations so designers and artists have a lot of freedom while creating them.

You can find them in shapes of crystals, hands, umbrellas, little animals and so much more in different colors, shapes and sizes. If you have a certain style in your day to day life like vintage, modern or avant-garde you can certainly find a ring holder looking exactly how you want.

In general, these holders are used by people who have an extensive ring collection and need a bit of organizing and also see all their jewels before making a choice for the outfit.

If you don’t own a lot of rings, they can be used as decoration but don’t worry, a holder will motivate you to buy a lot more than intended, until there is no more space.

#7. Travel jewelry holder

These ones test the most designers’ creativity because they need to provide security to the jewels and fit them just right, all of this while looking good and match the owner’s style. A travel jewelry holder is a combination of all the holders listed above but in a reduced size and with more filling or thicker materials to prevent accidents.

Most of them look like wallets but there are also shapes of boxes or purses that fit easily in someone’s luggage. In general, this type of holder is designed to fit all types of jewels, as someone needs at least a full set while traveling. The exterior varies from one brand to another, but it’s really not hard to find something for any taste and style.

By style

#1. Vintage jewelry holder

Doesn’t everybody just love vintage? From clothes to furniture to hair, everything is vintage these days, but we don’t complain by any means. If you have chosen this style to represent you or if you just borrowed a few elements from it you know how fun it is while being classy and trendy at the same time.

Vintage jewelry holders are just beautiful and cute and they fit every house and person. Made from wood with sandpaper marks, from metal, with lace and pearl applications or little ladybugs and butterflies, they highlight any type of jewelry. The colors light blue, dark green or yellow that are so used in vintage products will give you that hipster, bohemian look with no effort what so ever.

#2. Personalized jewelry holder

These ones are the perfect gift for just about anybody. Who doesn’t love to have something of their own, that it’s unique and no one else in the world has it?

The possibilities are endless here: you could carve someone’s name in a bracelet holder, sew it, write an inside joke on one side of the holder or use a picture.

The best part is that you can also personalize the style so you make the perfect holder with the perfect color, shape, size and story behind it. Don’t forget that you can always make this gift to yourself without needing a special occasion for it.

Just think about how perfect will it fit on your table with all of your jewels without having to spend time looking in stores or deciding between multiple options.

#3. Minimalist jewelry holder

Minimalism is the latest trend when it comes to, well… everything. From diets, wardrobe, home but also décor and fashion, simple and highly practical is the goal. Being a minimalist saves you a lot of time and energy in many ways but it doesn’t have to make your life less pretty and good looking in any way.

In fact, simple accessories look awesome and compliment an outfit without drawing the attention from it. Minimalist jewelry holders are so cute and pretty and can be integrated perfectly in any store or business. The jewels placed on these holders are emphasized on the highest level while providing an appropriate background. You can find them in geometric shapes, simple lines, single colors or you can design your own.

#4. Modern jewelry holder

If modern is your go to style or your fashion business is all about innovation and the latest trends, you should opt for a modern jewelry holder. It’s a known fact that this is the style that attracts the most clients because it fits any occasion and taste.

Neutral or metallic colors paired with various patterns will give the impression of complexity, symmetry and perfection, the right attributes to make your displayed jewels look high quality and professional. This style is very versatile so these types of holders can be fitted in any environment, be it a store, an exposition or even your home.

#5. Handmade jewelry holder

Handmade products seem to always radiate a lovely, homey feeling, no matter what the final form is. The fact that a human being put time, effort and intention to make a jewelry holder makes it more valuable than other industrialized items.

If your goal is to reach the heart of your clients or warm up your room, these holders are the solution. Another advantage is that when you buy such a piece, you have a unique holder that even if it resembles others has its own personality and vibe.

A holder like this is the perfect DIY project with your kids, friends and even employees for a team building task that will also physically benefit your store.

By features

#1. Tiered jewelry holders

A tiered holder’s main attribute is to help you organize jewels better, be it by style, season or color. They can be found in many designs like the ones made especially for certain jewels like earrings or bracelets, little drawers placed on top of each other or simple pieces of wood with hooks.

The most popular shape for holders like this though are the ones that look like those good old cupcake stands. Those give the impression of refinement and luxury, so if you own a store or business that wants to send this massage, don’t hesitate and get them as soon as possible. These can also be used with great success at expositions and other events to display your merchandise in a professional way.

#2. Folding jewelry holders

These jewelry holders are perfect for traveling because they offer good protection and practicability as they don’t take a lot of space. Certain models fit quite a lot of products so you can confidently use them for transportation at events where they are going to be displayed as they won’t have a scratch on them. There are a lot of designs for personal use as well, with a very good organizing system so you have everything ready for use each day of the trip. A lot of styles are available when it comes to these holders as well so you can choose from modern, floral, leather and many others so you can find something that suits you and your business.

#3. Lighted jewelry holders

These help tremendously when you want to emphasize certain jewels because they draw the attraction directly to them. Maybe there is a new collection, or you are at an exhibition with other retailers or jewelry makers/sellers and you really need to make your products stand out, so you absolutely need this type of holder.

The light can be placed on the sides, coming from light bulbs like the ones from make-up mirrors but it’s not a rule. The holder might have a lamp attached above or beneath the jewels or hidden neon lights inside it, the thing is, there are endless possibilities.

#4. Stackable jewelry holders

They are perfect for storage mainly because they don’t require a lot of space and have a lot of compartments for simple and efficient organizing.

Even if you will most likely keep them in the back of your store they should look good and professional if you want to have a respectable image. Maybe a client wants to see a model that isn’t on display so you have to take it from such holders.

When choosing holder that are stackable pay attention to how sturdy they are and the way they go together on top of each other so you are secure in case of an accident.

#5. Mirrored jewelry holders

The same way a lot of makeup palettes have a mirror incorporated so you can see what are you doing, a jewelry holder should too especially if they are positioned in a store. This holder is very practical and your clients will love it and maybe want one for their homes. Most of the models are big or hung on the wall so they might be on the expensive side, but it’s definitely worth it. You can also find smallholders with small mirrors that are portable or that can fit your make-up table at home.

#6. Lockable jewelry holders 

These holders look very elegant and, because they resemble somehow with a briefcase, they look highly professional as well. When someone sees a holder like this automatically assumes that inside are precious jewels and in most cases they are right. In order to provide security and functionality, they are carefully made from good quality materials so they can be a little pricey. Some of them might even have a system that requires a code or a key to open and they are often designed for just one jewel or a set of jewels in particular.

#7.  Rotating jewelry holders

Holders like this are so much fun and having them in your store makes the shopping experience a lot more pleasurable and efficient. Having your jewels displayed like this makes them appear more accessible to people and they can see more in less time.

Jewels can be organized in many ways with rotating holders, so the items that you want to sell faster can be placed at eye level, you can use colors to label them or whatever you want, the possibilities are endless. A mirror can also be placed if you want to customize it.

#8. Adjustable jewelry holder 

Having an adjustable holder means having a holder for every situation there is, it’s almost like you have more than one. These are perfect for you if you change your merchandise often and bring new items regularly that require special attention. Even though their main attribute isn’t to look good but to be practical and functional, you can definitely find ones that match your style and that can be used to display jewels. When choosing an adjustable holder think in advance and see what are your needs and only then buy one. This way you will be more efficient and will save money and the time looking for a new one.

#9. Spinner jewelry holder

These are fun, efficient, simple to use and everybody loves it. They are perfect for any store especially because they save you a lot of space and by displaying a lot more jewels on them than on any other holder.

Spinner holders come in a lot of shapes and sizes and when we say this we mean it: from ten inches to five feet tall, with lights or mirrors incorporated, made for one type of jewelry or made to display earrings, bracelets, rings, lockets, anything really and the list goes on. It’s one of the most versatile holders and you can adjust it to any need.

#10. Hanging jewelry holder

Holders like this are especially made for storing and organizing your products, something every store should have. If you make the jewels yourself at the store or have a studio for this, a hanging holder can be extra useful for storing your materials and tools.

You can organize them on colors, size or when are you going to use them, whatever works best for you. Since it’s a hanging holder, it stays close to a wall so it needs very, very little space and we all know how important free space is in a retail’s storage room. There are a lot of models and colors for these holders so you don’t have to quit to your personal style just to be organized and functional.

By materials

#1. Acrylic holders

Acrylic is a very elegant material that shows professionalism. The best part about it is that it can be used at any occasion and is suited for really expensive jewels but for the average ones as well. You can order acrylic holders in any style you want because it’s a very malleable material and it’s not at all expensive.

Even more complex holders like the rotating ones can be entirely made from acrylic and due to its light weight it can be easily shipped or transported where needed so it’s travel friendly. Another important benefit is that because it is transparent or opaque, without many add-ons, all the attention is drew to the jewels displayed making them pop in the viewer’s eyes.

#2. Metal holders

Metal is really appropriate for modern jewels maybe some that are innovative and very out of the box. Many shapes and swirls can be created with metal making the holders suited for a cozy and welcoming store that may sell handmade items which include beads, crystals, feathers and so on.

You can purchase products that are made from iron, bronze, copper and alloys for different textures, colors and finite designs. Metal is usually used in more pretentious stores and businesses that sell a special kind of jewels made for non-conformists and bohemians but they make very nice room ornaments too.

#3. Plastic holders

This is the most versatile material so you can use it to almost anything especially to create any kind of holder you want to. As there are many types of plastics, they can be used to imitate metal, acrylic, wood, you name it, and, of course, at a much more affordable price.

Colors and textures can be added to make a holder be the perfect fit for your jewelry collection or for your store’s interior design. With a really low price and great accessibility, possibilities are endless. It’s also travel friendly because it’s a light material but it can be hard enough to protect your products from shocks or burglars, so we would say that it is the perfect holder material for any store but we recommend it even more if you are at the beginning with your business.

#4. Wooden holders

Wood is such an earthy, organic and familiar material and it is usually used in high end stores for special edition jewels. You don’t see wooden holders every day as they don’t match with all jewels and stores but if you decide to embrace this material make sure you do it right.

Often, holders made from wood are used as décor items due to the feeling that they express which is a feeling at home, natural one. Jewels that are simple, classic, handmade or made from gold, silver and other metals go really well with wood which enhances their beauty making them look like must have items for every respectable woman.

#5. Glass holders

Glass is a pretentious, fragile material that you have to work really careful with especially since it can scratch jewels and jewels can scratch the glass. However, these fragile holders are used when delicate, feminine and usually expensive jewels are displayed giving the impression of an aristocracy-like luxury.

Tiered holders are usually the ones that are made from glass but you can find many other shapes as there are creative designers and artists that work all day long to create glass holders for new jewels and events. Even though it is not travel friendly and requires maintenance, this material is worth your time and money because it sends a clear message of a high quality store.

#6. Crystal holders

Crystal holders are just out of this world regarding to how pretty they are, but they are even more fragile. These are more valuable than the glass ones because of the process of fabrication is longer and more complex and the final product has its distinctive brilliance that normal glass can’t provide.

A lot of times colors are inserted into the crystal holders for a vitrail effect and even more sophistication. These holders are used for very expensive jewels only and for emanating even more sophistication. Usually there are not many big crystal holders, rather petite ones like those for rings that also have a nice shape.

By form factor

#1. Jewelry stand holder

Stand holders are the go to solution to any retailer because they are easy to handle and they do their job right without any trouble. You don’t need a special system to install them, you just put them wherever you want and they are ready to display some jewels. There are quite a lot of styles with a lot of different uses so they can meet any need or preference you might have.

#2. Board jewelry holder

When it comes to board jewelry holders, people mainly choose them for the little space they need. You just hang them on the wall and start placing jewels on them, no need to navigate around them or arrange the tables in a certain way.

They can be used at home as well especially because it’s easy to organize the jewels on them and they make it easier when you have to pick one for your outfit because they are all there, in front of you.

Board holders can be placed anywhere in a store and you can adjust the angle and the lights to emphasize or not certain collections.

#3. Wall mounted jewelry holder

These holders save so much space, it’s crazy! They are great in someone’s home because they make it so easy to organize things and they can be arranged in such a way that they resemble with a piece of art on the wall.

In a store they are also helpful not only because they save space but also because customers can see the jewels very clear in front of them since they are placed at eye level. A lot of styles are available when it comes to wall mounted jewelry holders, some of them having a rack on top where can be placed flowers, figurines and other ornaments giving the holder multiple purposes.

#4. Over-the-door jewelry holder

While these might not be the best idea for a store, especially a busy one, unless it was designed that way, over-the-door holders do wonders in households. They are so practical and well thought that you may never give up the concept of having one.

A holder like this is usually big so it fits a lot of jewels and if you choose the right model it will be right for any kind from rings to necklaces without them falling on the floor. These holders can be placed on the interior side of your closet’s door but you can also place them in the bedroom or bathroom and if there is any space left on them you can also store other items like makeup and lotions.

#5. Jewelry rack holder

Racks are so versatile and can be used for virtually anything so jewels make no exception. Little nails or hooks can be placed underneath so necklaces, rings and bracelets can be placed on them while having a cool, vintage look.

Between jewels, to keep them organized, plants and other ornaments can be placed, something that integrates in the whole room décor.

In stores they are useful because they don’t take a lot of space at all and they also look good, contributing to the overall look, depending on the holder’s style.

#6. Waterford ring holder

These types of holders are so pretty and classy that you just can’t place any ring on them. It must be something special. They are used mostly in prestigious stores that sell expensive jewels and since they are not really space or price efficient, they are mostly used for a visual effect. When you see a crystal Waterford holder you just go back in time and you find yourself smoking a cigar in a salon with a glass of bourbon and that’s the exact feeling sellers try to expose their customers to.

#7. Stud jewelry holder

Because studs are tiny and don’t require a lot of space, stud holders can fit a lot of pairs being, from this point of view, very efficient. They can come as boxes, board, over the door, anything that suits your needs.

Most of the time a woman’s most numerous jewels are studs and very often she forgets about them, wearing the same two pairs over and over because it’s just too painful to try to find each piece and its pair. A holder would provide a solution for this, keeping everything organized and at sight so you can notice other jewels as well.

#8. Jewelry holder figurines

These are so cute and creative while most of them being refined and elegant at the same time. Nothing is more original than a tiny giraffe holding your rings and a butterfly holding your necklaces on its wings. You might even have a whole zoo, each of them doing its job.

These add a drop of color and fun to every room and if you intend to place them in a store be sure of the fact that customers will be obsessed with them. Kids enjoy these holders too, just make sure that they are made from an appropriate material.

#9. Jewelry display cases

Customers can efficiently observe and admire jewels displayed in cases if they have the appropriate light. The main advantage to these cases is that you don’t have to worry that the really expensive jewels are going to be stolen and you can focus on other things like making customers feel welcomed in your sore.

On the other hand, the glass that covers them looks very professional and lets people know that you don’t have any ordinary jewels to sell. Maybe the only disadvantage in his case is that you have to clean them quite often but that shouldn’t be too much of a trouble looking at how much more efficiently you can do your job by having them.

#10. Jewelry display boxes

Jewelry boxes have always looked classy and refined so if that’s the look that you want to achieve with your business, go ahead and use them.

They really make an impression when you get them out to present someone a ring and they see all the other beautiful rings nicely surrounded by velvet and leather making the decision more difficult and raising the amount of money someone is willing to pay.

They also come in every color and for every type of jewel but if you still can’t find the right one, you can always order a special box for a special jewel.

#11. Mannequin jewelry holder

Mannequin holders are so pretty and look so refined that you just have to love them. They fit quite a few jewels so they are practical too but the main reason they are used is for the way they look. Even without any jewels on them you can use them as ornaments whether at home or on the counter in your store.

There are quite a few models, some are dressed with bright colors, some are just the metal outline of a female body and others are just simple busts with metal endings. These mannequin jewelry holders make great gifts as well making you look very original and creative while providing something useful too.

By gender and age

#1. Women 

Women are the main category that purchases holders and it may be due to their need to compulsory buy everything but not a single one will admit this. Jokes aside, most of the jewelry holders are made for women because they need them the most with all those rings, bracelets and necklaces that tangle waiting at home for a place of their own. In need of a tool to help them organize the bundle of jewels that they own, why not purchase something pretty that matches their personality, jewels and the room they will stay in?

Pastel colors, flowers, spirals and birds might pop up firs in your mind when thinking at women jewelry holders but that is not necessarily the case because even if this stereotype exists, most of women don’t wear pink all day long and wear flowers in their hair. Some are business owners, gothics, lawyers, girly and every one of them has a different personality. Still, there is a jewelry holder for every one of them.

#2. Men

Since men don’t wear nearly as much jewels as women and in fact, they rarely do except watches, necklaces and maybe an earring, there are not a lot of jewelry holders for men out there. Don’t worry, if you want to buy one it’s not difficult to find one but there isn’t as much variety as there is for women’s holders. Usually, men jewelry holders are monochromatic, sober and simple made from materials such as wood, leather and sometimes leather.

They are also high quality most of the times because the men who tend to buy such products are the ones who respect themselves and want to maintain a certain image. While there are exclusive men and women jewelry holders there are also a lot of holders who can’t be put into a category and can be used without a problem by both sexes

#3. Children

Products specially made for children are so cute and somehow make people feel happy no matter what. The reason might me the bright colors, the cartoon characters, the funny shapes and patterns drew on them or the fact that they bring up memories from our own childhood.

Either way, jewelry holders for children are more and more popular these days. Usually, they are made for little girls so the main color is pink with drawings like dolls, ballet shoes, butterflies and fairies.

Their size can vary from small boxes that fit a couple pairs of earrings to the ones that are suited for an entire collection of a woman. Most of the times, though, they are small sized, made for a few pieces of jewelry and to bring joy in children’s lives.