Seasoned retail operators will look for the best scents that enhance retail experiences of consumers. They know in-store experience is critical especially with the emerging popularity of e-commerce sites which are posing a threat to traditional outlets. Shoppers must be impressed with the layouts and visual merchandising. At the same time, the brand experience must be unforgettable. Retailers need to study not only decorations, illumination and music. It is important to capitalize on the customers’ sense of smell.

Personalized Scents

Modified whiffs are used by fashion retailers when it comes to fragrances that enhance retail experiences. The same is applicable for other store owners. A fragrance or two can connect shoppers to your brand emotionally. People will stay longer in perfumed shops. This feeling remains in the consumers’ memory long after they left your establishment. The so-called signature smell certainly provides this business proprietor a competitive advantage.
Smells and store designs should be mixed appropriately to make shoppers more relaxed inside the retail outlet. This is what a recent research study in retail marketing strategies suggested. One relevant study revealed some fragrances reduce apprehension among shoppers particularly in congested selling spaces or stores where goods look overstocked. The bottom line is negative feelings are minimized because of pleasant odors inside the retail outlet.

Scent and Anxiety

Aside from scents that enhance retail experiences, these deal with customer anxiety because these produce a spacious ambiance inside crowded shops or comfort in small and modest stores. It is possible to try out smells under these conditions by way of simulated retail environments.

During an actual experiment conducted by marketing students at a University in the United States, the laboratory was permeate with scents evocative of enclosed areas (firewood); exposed spaces (beach or seashore); and no smell at all. These researchers analyzed different product items and space where the experiment was performed. They signified their level of nervousness after this.

Findings had something to do with fragrances that enhance retail experiences. The students found out that in jam-packed selling areas, customers were more undisturbed when they smelled something that suggested roominess. On the other hand, shopper appeared more composed after being exposed to an odor that induced closed space.

Benefits of Diffusing Scents

There are multiple advantages in dispersing the right smell inside a small or large store:

  • This sense affects feelings because these are wired to the brain structures on the thalamus or limbic system. It controls emotions as well as memory.
  • Odors can extend customer visit.
  • Shoppers remember scented establishments more than unscented spaces.
  • Customers spend more in perfumed stores.

Know these Scents

What are the scents that enhance retail experiences?

  • Floral scents include lavender, jasmine, rose, orange blossoms, and gardenia (evergreen). These vary from sweet and pure to glamorous and sophisticated. The flowery fragrance is perfect for fashion outlets or jewelry shops.
  • Citrus consists of mandarin, lime, lemon, orange, bergamot (citrus oil), and grapes. These smells are fresh and sparkling which revitalize consumers. These are ideal for high-energy atmospheres.
  • Fruity means brightness and youthfulness that uplift feelings or reduce fretfulness. These are apricot, apple, pear, peach, and plum. It is also recommended for specialty fashion merchants.
  • Ozonic is suitable for limited spaces or small stores to support the notion of a breezy and airy atmosphere. These include small apparel outlets, gift shops, and spaces that have competing smells as a result of different scented items.
  • Outdoor smells denote wood (cedar and pine); green grass; and, sage, basil, or mint. The fragrance distinguishes nature, cleanliness and freshness. It works for almost all kinds of environments but is best for providers of outdoor activities or environmental-friendly establishments.
  • Gourmand indicates the aromas of chocolate and coffee that relate to food. It creates a homely ambiance which is designed for specialty food outlets, kitchenware and destination game stores.
  • Peppermint enhances physical performance even as it does not raise sales right away. This is more appropriate for spas and fitness facilities. The aroma increases motivation and brings about more energy.

This can best be described store atmospherics (atmospheric interference) which impact brand identity. Retailers who are not really sure about the right fragrance for their brands can get professional help. Given their available budget, it is possible to hire scents specialists for this purpose.

Ambient Scenting

Ambient scenting is a good possibility in considering fragrances that enhance retail experiences. Retailers should match their marketing objectives with the technique of formulating fragrances. Smells that have the tendency to overwhelm consumers can be counter-productive. Shoppers are inclined to leave right away. Henceforth, store owners must formulate techniques that will control these smells.

Ambient smells present a practically unused opportunity for retailers to put their creativity or resourcefulness to stimulate moods. The secret behind this is to start right by adopting an informed methodology that is consistent with brand qualities. In other words, this is the original power of scent.

Store managers or owners may not realize it right away but the store’s fragrance can make shoppers feel disconcerted or even claustrophobic. No two persons sniff the same aroma in the same manner. This makes it harder to select a fragrance that identifies with the retailer’s trademark and affords customers with a soothing and remarkable buying experience.

One Last Word

At present there are professionals who offer scent marketing services at reasonable costs. Or, small retailers have the option to study strategies offered by articles or tips published on the worldwide web. The key is to get good ideas about fragrances that will match their respective stores and brands. This is the real meaning of how to identify and use scents that enhance retail experiences. It is an eye opener for retailers who need to enhance brands and generate more sales.