Nowadays, one of the most common questions we hear everywhere is why is jewelry so precious to us? Why do we cherish so much small pieces of jewelry and why are we willing to pay a large percentage of our monthly income just to buy something that can easily be considered a simple accessory? Truth be told, every one of us (especially the millennials) has thought about this at least once in their lifetime – this concept can make up formulate many questions about the human race and about our mentality. The human mind kept itself busy trying to find an answer concerning this intriguing question – and more than just one answer was given.

Jewelry can have a special meaning to someone – they might be a reminder of a person or of a thing, even of a place – they can represent a magical memory. On the more artistic side – it is easy to use jewelry to express yourself, to show off your creative your side or to make a fashion statement. This thing can easily be proven by a sociological experiment; imagine how different you feel when talking to someone who is wearing really cheap and tacky jewelry rather than with someone who is wearing, for instance, Victorian antique jewelry. Whether we are talking about sending a message to the society we are finding ourselves in or just about trying to look fashionable, jewelry is playing an important role for all of us.

As we can all imagine, wearing all the jewelry we own (including rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces – maybe tiaras or other extravagant items) at once is not the right choice – and this is where the exciting part appears for every single person who is passionate about interior design and who would spend hours browsing through the pages of Architectural Design: choosing the perfect jewelry box.

Despite the fact that this looks like an easy task to do, this is not true; trying to find the most suitable box that will fulfill all of our hopes and expectations can be extremely demanding and difficult.

Everyone’s collection starts as a child with a little friendship bracelet or with a necklace with your name or initials on it – but as time goes on, the size of this collection becomes more overwhelming and in these situations, something needs to be done – this is the moment when we need to think about buying a jewelry box. But on what basis do we choose the box? Here are some of the main features that should be taken into consideration before buying or ordering anything:

How big is my collection?

Boxes and organizers come in a variety of shapes and sizes (as in every other domain: small, medium, and large). The wise thing to do before deciding on whether a box should be bought or not would be to see how much space do we actually need. It would be silly to buy an enormous box that would occupy the whole nightstand and only use half of its space to put our jewelry in it, but owning a tiny one and being obliged to randomly throw around the room all the jewelry that do not fit in is not favorable as well. It is not that troublesome to approximate how much space we actually need – all in all, it is all coming to our benefit to organizing our room and our space as beneficial as we can.

What type of jewelry do I own the most?

Jewelry can be as diversified as we can imagine – besides the classic items everyone is thinking about when they hear the word “jewelry”, we have the following ones as well: body piercing jewelry, brooches, buttons, clips, chains, diadems, fáinnes, gemstones, pendants, rosaries, tiaras along with others. Our actual designs of jewelry boxes have many gadgets incorporated: different handlers, compartments, hidden drawers and on and on – the best thing to do is to try and see which number of items is the larger. For instance, if we have many pendants, it would be more useful to buy a box with more compartments; if we have more necklaces, a box with more drawers would be recommended. However, this depends on a lot on how the future owner of the box likes to organize his goods.

What box design and color would suit my room better?

Another helpful piece of advice would be to search for a box that will go along with the ambiance and with the décor of the room. For a person who has a modern apartment, the right choice would be a futuristic box, maybe a more minimal one – with small and little details. Paradoxically, it is clear that for someone who is more of a fancy person, the box needs to look refined and attentively created – even handmade.

It all depends on the individual’s character, on his preferences and on his taste. Just as the model, the color needs to be chosen wisely as well; it is true that such an item as a box could be used to contrast, for example, the furniture or the walls of a room, but a box with too much of a vivid color will only hurt the eyes and it will not be of good taste. Because of this, a little research concerning the art of interior design and the science and psychology of colors should be done – the wrong nuance or the wrong model can ruin everything.

How to find a box that will resist for a long period of time

A box does not only need to be beautiful, but of high quality as well. One of the main factors is the material it is made out of: a plastic box will instantly look cheap to us, no matter how many stylish decorations or patterns it has on it. Thus, wood should be chosen because it has many qualities, such as a strong shock resistance and it does not get damaged in time as easy as other materials. In addition to this, hinges and lockers of metal are another sign that box is more valuable. Even though such boxes might be a little more expensive than the ones that are to be found in thrift shops, it is important that they will protect the jewelry and will still look gorgeous in the long future.

In conclusion, a jewelry box can be one of the most stunning things from a room if it is chosen intelligently – it will catch anyone’s attention. There are so many splendid boxes out there that just need to be found.