Jewelries play an important role in building people’s personality. Each accessory item that we wear has a special meaning sometimes, and this is the reason why we choose to spend a lot when we want to purchase jewelry. The significance that the act of wearing something precious has to us leads to the conclusion that the entire jewelry business has to find the best ways to build its marketing strategies in order to come up with fresh ideas to catch the customers’ eyes.

Designers or store owners have shared some of their best tricks that helped them boost their sales. Whether it is about ideas that are shaped, or it is simply the fact of trying to be the closest to customer the possible, every strategy that we undertake needs to be a place for our eyes to rest, just like any art would do. Creativity, responsibility, persistence are some keys to success that can guarantee the best results. But how do we infer what the customers want, how do we actually plan this entire strategy that seems so abstract?

First of all, you need to take into account the fact that any information that is given to you on websites or elsewhere is based on research; there are a lot of people who share their ideas and experience. You will never finish if you start something from scratch with no support at all!

The next pieces of advice consist in a few starting things you need to be aware of, things that are connected with the way in which you can define your collection of jewelry by choosing the best cases and the proper displays. This way you can improve the visibility of the collection and also the brand awareness:

Dimensions & Placements:

Be careful about the proportion of the displays and pieces; if you have a small space, you may choose a modular display so that you can build it up the way you want. A modular display has the benefit of allowing you to make adjustments, be creative, alternate the collections, displaying something new each time you want. For small pieces, you must know that you don’t need to put them on a big bust because you’ll totally alter their potential. The same story is should be applied to big items.

When we talk about dimensions, we are not looking just at the entire proportion of the display, but even right down to each piece of jewelry. This is the reason why you really need to be careful with the way in which you deal with every item, be it small or big.

Balance In Displays & Placement:

Everything has to flow! A random bust, for example, really breaks the way the entire displays looks like. For cohesive collections, random items don’t fit. Sometimes it would do, but only if you want to capture the attention on that particular item; but still, it has to fit. People like organized displays; it gives them the idea that you really put some effort in trying to please them.

Another important thing to keep in mind: when people look at a flat surface they get bored. Make sure you alternate things so that it won’t look uninteresting, but don’t exaggerate! Your display needs to look like an architectural landscape, cohesive and balanced. It is important that your assembly looks interesting and encourage customers to take a closer look.

Neutral displays, in terms of material and color, are very useful because you can keep them the entire year. If you want to make changes every season, you only need to have some coverings in different colors. Try to display jewelry in an overall design scheme and choose no more than 3 colors and no more than 3 textures for your display. Always think of the fact that jewelry displays should reflect the style and personality of the jewelry line and the taste of the customer.

Using The Right Types of Display Cases:

You have to be aware of the benefits of each type of case accordingly: the glass tower – a very popular style, which allows visibility and easy access, having the advantage that it occupies little floor space; jewels cabinet – the contemporary type is commonly seen as a part of the cash desk and the classical one would have the advantage of creating an interesting view, a combination of old and new.

Don’t Forget About Working On The Right Selection:

Feature your best pieces of jewelry in the display! Doing all that has been stated above isn’t enough if you don’t choose the right things to show to the customers. You may keep some good stuff hidden, but only if you know that it will be a good strategy and the customers are interested in certain things that you don’t put to display. In general, people like to watch and decide for themselves, and if they’re interested, they’ll ask for more.