Magnetic and fascinating, the use of mannequins can be traced as far back as 1350 BC, in Egypt, as shown by the wooden torso found in King’s Tutankhamusn’s tomb. Although by that time it was preponderantly used as a storing device for treasures, as the rise of the modern department store began in the latter half of the nineteenth century and plate glass windows and artificial lighting became more common, their current usage saw a groundbreaking rise in the bewitching and marvelous Paris.

Since then, it still remains one of the most frequently used manner to expose products in retail stores all over the world, coming in all different shapes and styles, many that defy even one’s wildest imagination.

Why mannequins?

Especially in retail business, it is of utmost importance that the merchandise is presented in an eye-catching and appealing manner and in an industry where steep competition lays ahead, they can definitely give the upper-hand, marking the store as a leading brand in its respective niche.

Giving life and sense of utility

Several reasons for which mannequins are used with preponderance can be found, the main one being the fact that they bring the illusion of life for a brief moment, and with them, igniting a spark in the object they are wearing.

  • They provoke something in the viewer and buyer, the desire to wear, to watch, to touch and this is exactly what mannequins bring in as an effect.
  • Like seeing someone wearing something they like on the street and wondering „How would this look on me?”, so people watch mannequins and instantly connect with the item they are looking at, if it’s pleasing to their eyes and hearts.
  • Mannequins help the customers to understand what would look good on them or not, what would fit their desire or not and they can be the deciding factor in them wanting to buy another item or wanting to spend more time in that particular store, while also giving a complete understanding of the utility of the product itself.

Setting the atmosphere and tone of the shop

Still, mannequins not only affect the viewer individually, but they can also set the tone of the entire store. While normally displayed in boxes jewels can seem rigid and less approachable, a place with mannequins vibrates in an intriguing and peculiar way.

  • They mark the space with dynamism and awakening curiosity of those willing to enter to explore.
  • How many times did we pass near a store and for a brief second we almost believed that the human shape we saw with the corner of our eye was an actual person? The more attractive and imposing the mannequin, the more it will pique one’s interest, not only in the product, but also in the store as well.
  • It is basically a win-win situation, in which both the customer and the shop receive the best experience for their purposes
  • Mannequins boost sales mainly because of their strong visual appeal, offering a more attractive and reliable way to shop, while also promoting a better all-around shopping experience.

Asset for ambiance and decor

  • For a jewelry shop, ambiance and decor are the key to attracting the customer and this is exactly what the use of mannequins brings on the plate.
  • Filling the void spaces, they are like a blank canvas waiting to be filled with creativity, brightness and positive energy. They set the tone not for the objects they are wearing, but for the entire shop.
  • The whole ambiance and personality of the designated space can be changed, configured and built on the way the merchandise is promoted and by using mannequins, an entire palette of choices becomes available to the seller.
  • Like taking the power in one’s hands, so the seller through mannequins directs everything in his shop faster and more sophisticated, rather than recurring to the dullness and stiffness of shelves.

Affordable and practical for the interior design

Not only taking into consideration the matter of practicality, using mannequins is a step forward in interior design. Customers view their favorite shopping destinations as an extension and reflection of their own personality and this is why it is crucial that they are given from the beginning something solid to identify with.

When one thinks of a jewelry shop, the image that automatically is delivered into his mind is one of elegance, vibrancy and beauty, and what better way to convey this feeling than helping the customers connect in a natural way to the jewels they are watching?

A piece of jewelry displayed in a box can sometimes give off the sensation of coldness and remoteness, of being far away and untouchable, but when on a mannequin it suddenly becomes approachable and palpable. It emanates a call to be worn by the right person, at the right occasion.

The mannequin, when used right, does half the job for the seller and for the buyer too, like a subtle director of thoughts. It has been confirmed by many retail leaders as a top-notch choice to use as a tool in promoting and selling any kind of merchandise. No wonder why it goes the same in the area of jewelry display, where the visuals are a priority more than anything else.

While there are indeed many ways to promote and expose products, the final choice should be taken not only considering the targeting customers, but also the kind of personal touch and originality the shop wants to promote and put on the table.

In such a rapidly changing world, where the wind blows so unpredictable that sometimes one does not even know how to adjust its sails, always being one step ahead and with the future in mind is crucial and decisive.

Promoting and using a mannequin in the right manner and with a unique mark attached to it may just be the ticket for a clear and detached win against the fierce competition.

After all, why settle for less, when you can have such a large palette of choices at your fingertips, that can bring forth the essence of the products with effect and style.