Viewed from outside, the jewelry business seems very nice and profitable. The people who are actually involved in this kind of business know how hard is making a jewelry store really work and how many things you need to take care of in order to make it be successful. Taking care of the space in which your store is going to run and the different kinds of display cases and jewelry items you want to show to your possible customers are not the only things. Those things represent just the very beginning. Nowadays, giving the customer a very nice shopping experience is crucial. That is why a good visual merchandising strategy is required, especially for a jewelry store. In the current article, we will try to present you some of the most interesting ideas you can use to improve your jewelry visual merchandising strategy.

Display cases or showcases may not be enoughcool-labeled-jewelry-display-by-perch

Because of the fact that we live in a world full of images and information based on image, the traditional way of using display cases and showcases to present jewelry may not be enough. That is why using large TVs in your jewelry store can be a very good idea. It may also be a quite expensive idea, but it is actually worth it. Why should a jewelry store owner spend money on buying and installing TVs in his or her store? Well, the answer is simple – to attract more customers!

It is a well-known fact that most of the jewelry items in a store are quite small, thus, some details may not be so visible from more than three feet away. Therefore, using a large TV to display well-taken pictures of your tiny products, with all their details, can really show the beauty of your jewelry pieces.

Outside display for those who are brave

Even though there are some aspects you have to take into consideration before you do this, we think it is a good idea and can help you improve your sales. So, the idea is to create a display of your merchandise and set up outside the store. But before you do this you should check out if you are allowed to do this and, also, if the weather is good.

A good idea is to add to your display some balloons or flags in order to create some excitement among the passersby. Anyway, this idea is pretty risky because there may be some individuals who want your merchandise without paying. Therefore, you need a lot of courage to do this. You need to follow the principle of “you cannot win if you do not play”.

Brand identity is important

Most of the people who pass by a jewelry store, as well as those who enter the store, are usually in a big hurry. So, it is important that the areas of your store and also the jewelry categories have an identity, a signage. In this way, every customer could see exactly what they really need and the buying process could be done more easily.

Use photo frames

Using photo frames is a cheaper alternative if you cannot afford a TV. You can use photo frames to display the photos of your jewelry items. You can always use photo frames, even when you do have a TV. An interesting idea is to use photo frames not for jewelry photos, but for actual jewelry. Instead of putting pictures of your jewelry items, you can put the jewelry itself in the frame. This way you can attract people’s attention much easier.

Windows are important

The windows of a jewelry store play an important role in every visual merchandise strategy. Why are windows so important? Well, store windows are considered to be very important for setting the mood of the products you are selling. This mood should be the same with the mood of the customers after they bought jewelry from your store. The mood you want to deliver is your choice.

cool-jewelry-stone-display-on-a-seashellThink about color and contrast

Color and contrast can help a display improve its appealingness. It is a well-known fact that red and black are two colors, usually used for displaying gold and silver pieces of jewelry. Therefore, selecting red as the background color for gold and black for silver is the best formula for creating a catchy contrast. Using the right colors and creating a great contrast can help you add some complementary jewelry items in a display. In this way, a customer may be more attracted to those items than if you displayed it separately.

Remember that people have more than one sense

We know that the jewelry business focuses a lot on the image, on what the eye sees. But, if we take a little time to think about it, merchandising is often more than what we see. Therefore, how our jewelry store sounds, smells or even feels is also important. Besides the way in which you present your pieces of jewelry, choosing a nice music and great scents can help you send some interesting messages to the people who enter your store. Therefore, customers can be persuaded not only by the visual content.

cool-jewelry-display-on-woodGiving space vs. overcrowding

This may sound as a dilemma – should my display have more empty space or should I put all my jewelry pieces in it? In fact, there is no dilemma. Overcrowding a display is one of the basic mistakes a jewelry owner can do. Presenting all the jewelry items you have in one single place is not good.

Space is considered to be one of the so-called “elements of design” which is essential to the comfort of the eyes. Therefore, giving enough space for the jewelry items means allowing the eyes of the possible customers to rest. Giving enough space for every piece of jewelry can help enhance the emphasis on every product. Overcrowding affects any jewelry display, giving it a sense of messy and making the jewelry items look cheap.