There are many people involved in the jewelry business. Some are successful not because they invested a great amount of money in the business, but because they learned how the business really works. There are also some jewelry store owners that are still struggling to succeed in this kind of business. The key to success is not only in understanding how the business works and investing right, but also in finding and applying the merchandising strategy that best fits your jewelry store.

themed-jewelry-store-displaysAll people involved in this jewelry business have to understand that no matter how expensive, beautiful and spectacular the jewelry items are, they will not sell by themselves. In order to be successful, we have to admit the idea that what we are selling are not only jewelry items, but a shopping experience. Therefore, we should take care of every merchandising aspect, beginning from the store’s space and display cases up to lighting, props and fixtures. In this article we will try to give you some advice about how you can improve your jewelry displays and therefore sales.

Keep your jewelry store fresh

In order to attract customers and sell your products, your store has to be always fresh. And by “fresh” we mean 2016, not 1990. So, you have to be very careful at what lighting you choose, colors of your props and fixtures, the design and color of your floor coverings, so on and so forth. People like to live in the present and think about the future, the past is just for those who are feeling blue.

Keep in mind what the customer desires when choosing jewelry items

What every jewelry store owner should keep in mind is the fact that we all live in an era of great technological development. Nowadays, information is accessible to everyone who has a computer and internet access. So, those involved in this business should not waste time choosing the color, clarity or design of a specific diamond.

People who want to buy jewelry can always search on the internet for this information. What you have to do is trying to find out why a certain customer entered your store on a specific day and at a certain time and why did she or he choose your store and not one of your competitors. This is the quest you have to finish. In the end it is all about the feeling – how jewelry piece or gemstone makes a woman or a man feel.

abstract-grid-like-jewelry-store-displayDisplay size matters. A lot.

It is a big mistake not to take into consideration the size of a certain display. It may not sound so important, but choosing the right display for every piece of jewelry can help a lot. In order to be successful you have to put some thought in your purchasing. Long jewelry items require a long display and short jewelry items a short one. For example, if you have a short necklace, it is obvious that it would look better on a shorter display. Choosing the size of the different displays according to the jewelry items you want to sell, can increase both its elegance and value.

Try to organize your space

Before buying displays, you should consider the space you have. If you are dealing with a limited space, then the best solution is to choose a multi-layered display. Anyway, no matter how big or limited your store’s place is, you should keep in mind one important aspect that can make the difference between success and failure. So, this important aspect refers to the fact that you should not display every piece of jewelry you have. Overcrowding your space with displays and jewelry items is not a good idea. What most of the customers really want is to search for a certain product that they like, not to be hit by lots of items that can tire or even annoy them.

Take care of your high-end pieces

If you have one or more high-end and exquisite pieces of jewelry, do not be afraid to show it off. This kind of jewelry items deserves a little more attention than others. In order to do that, you should get a special display for it. To make it look more appealing you can always display it in the middle of your table and use some light to make it sparkle. You can also use your high-end piece in the middle of other pieces of jewelry which are more accessible in terms of price. In this way, your top product can act as a “seller”. The fact that your product is quite expensive, thus, not so affordable, can make the viewers to look at the other jewelry items displayed in the proximity and, why not, buying it.

Jewelry Display Color - Wood Themed Jewelry DisplayYour displays’ color is important

As happens to the size of a display, the color is also important. Certain colored pieces of jewelry demand certain colored displays. Black displays are always good for presenting gold, pearls and diamonds. White displays should be used to show off different colored gems. The white can make the color of the gem more attractive. There are also many people who prefer beige displays, which are considered to be perfect for neutral colored pieces of jewelry. Anyway, choosing the color of a display is also a matter of personal taste. Therefore, feel free to choose whatever you think it’s fit for the theme and style of your jewelry items.

Consider the height of your countertop

Believe it or not, the height of your countertop is important. Why is that? Well, you certainly do not want to have very low display counters for which your customers should use binoculars in order to see the jewelry items you want to show off. Therefore, if you already have this problem, you should act quickly and do something about it. The best way of highlighting your jewelry pieces is at eye level. So, what you have to do is to raise your display counters a little so that the consumers can have a more effective relationship with the jewelry items they are looking at.