Managing a jewelry store can be a fulfilling experience, but also a pretty expensive and time consuming business. Those who look from the outside think that owning a jewelry store cannot be so hard, you buy or rent a space for the store and start selling your merchandise. Well, from the exterior it seems easy, but the reality is different. Besides choosing the right place and jewelry items that you want to sell, there are also a lot of other important things to take into consideration. It won’t help you with nothing if you have a lot of interesting pieces of jewelry and don’t know how to organize, arrange and make it appealing for selling. To have a store and some jewelry items is easy, to make those items sell-able – that is the hard part.

Creative Jewelry Display Using Antlers on a Wood BackgroundThis merchandising component of a jewelry business encapsulates a lot of aspects such as: choosing the right display cases, making an appealing window display, using the right design, texture and lighting, arranging and organizing jewelry items in a pleasant way, displaying jewelry in an interesting and appealing way, so on and so forth. In this article, we will try to present some interesting ideas of displaying jewelry items using different props and fixtures.

We have to admit that in this kind of business, there are a lot of options and ideas of displaying jewelry. Variety can always be a good thing, but in this case, a question is raised – what are and how can you choose the best and most effective jewelry displaying ideas in presenting the brand of your store to your possible customers? Those ideas that we are talking about can be cheap or expensive. So, there is always the problem of budget when we want to give effect to these ideas.

Show off your necklace’s elegance using necklace display stands

If you have ever passed by a jewelry window display you have certainly seen a necklace display stand. Necklace display stands, also known as jewelry display forms, come in many forms and represent an abstraction of the woman’s neck and shoulders, designed to display and make the jewelry item worn more appealing. This kind of jewelry fixtures comes in a wide range of prices, so we recommend to choose quality, because the cheapest options tend to break easily. If you have just started your jewelry business and do not know yet what sort of display you need, budget necklace displays are a great way for starting out.

necklace-display-stand-exampleEven though their cheap price means that they won’t last very long, you can get some idea of the types of necklace displays you need by using them for a while. The most budget necklace displays are made of cardboard, usually covered in velvet, in the shape of neck with shoulders or flat jewelry display forms. One big disadvantage of this type of budget necklace displays is the fact that there is no way in which you can secure the necklace on the back. Jewelry display forms are also called jewelry busts or necklace busts and are made of cardboard or wood covered with velvet, linen or even faux leather. They are usually used for displaying the best necklace pieces of a store.

Use jewelry hang tags to brand your business

The main goal of a jewelry hang tag is to show the price of a necklace, bracelet, earring or other piece of jewelry. Besides showing the price, the jewelry hang tag can also be used to brand your business and provide useful information on how to take care of the jewelry item you bought. Every jewelry hang tag should include information such as: store’s logo, information about the material of the jewelry item, care instructions, information about the specific style of a jewelry item and last but not least, information about your store.

Earring display cards – the easiest way to show your earrings

What is really nice about earring display cards is the fact that you can display your earrings as stand-alone displays in standard jewelry trays or on an earring rack. Earring display cards are usually found as premade and can be purchased in plastic or paper. This type of premade earring display cards is considered to be very convenient and cheap.

Premade earring displays represent a pretty interesting choice when you don’t have time to make your own, but want a simple looking display for your earrings. We think that the idea that can increase earrings sales is to combine earring display cards with a display tray specially created for earrings. These earring display trays usually have pre drilled holes or earring pads that you can fill your earring cards with.

Bracelet displays – choose what fits best

Wood Bracelet Display 2-Tier, Bracelet Stand, Wood Jewelry Display, Bracelet Holder, Choose the ColorIn terms of bracelet displays there are two choices. You can either choose a T-bar display or a bracelet ramp. Let’s find out something about each of these two types and which is the best. T-bar displays are the most common way in which you can display bracelets. The name comes from the fact that these displays are made in the shape of a T. As the other displays mentioned before, they are made of cardboard and wood and can be covered with fabric, velvet or faux leather. One of its disadvantages is the fact that it can get very heavy if it is loaded up with too many bracelets. On the other side, bracelet ramps are pads that have one raised end.

These bracelet ramps can easily be made of foam. This material has one big advantage – you can use jewelry pins to make sure that your bracelet is secured in your display. For using jewelry pins you have to make sure that the bracelet ramp made of foam is covered with some sort of fabric. Covering the bracelet ramp with fabric is essential because it makes pinholes not showing up too much. You can always unleash your imagination and find other novel ways or ideas of displaying jewelry by using other things such as: vintage desert plates, bundles of bamboo, branches, so on and so forth.