It’s a known fact that the jewelry business is one of the most successful and profitable businesses. It is true that a jewelry store owner can be successful and can make a nice profit, but it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and some “know-how” extremely necessary in this kind of business. It is not enough to buy or rent a space where you can start and organize your store. That “know-how” we were talking about refers not only to the ways you can organize your store, but also to what types of jewelry items you can sell, what display cases you can choose, ways of displaying jewelry and also some strategies regarding lighting, design and other things which can improve the appeal of the displays and store in general.

Why are all these things so important? Well, even though all the display cases, showcases, props and other jewelry display fixtures can be a little expensive at first, we have to keep in mind that we want to present ourselves to the public in a professional and good-looking manner. All these things summed up and corroborated with the right marketing strategy can make a jewelry business being successful and profitable. In this article we will try to focus our attention mainly on how we can organize and display our jewelry items in ways that can attract people and make them buy it.

Creating visual interest is essential

Center of attention and beautiful lighting in jewelry display

Nowadays, we all know how important a visual message is. So, if we own a jewelry store and really want not only to display our jewelry, but to sell our items, it is extremely necessary to open our mind and be creative. Our way of organizing and displaying jewelry should not be a dull one. It is true that we have to be organized and present our items to the people in a way that they can see it clearly, but a flat displaying would not help us very much.

Displaying our jewelry items flat on the tabletop is ok, but not too appealing to the customer’s eye. We think that height variation of different parts of the display would be a very good idea for improving the image of the display as a whole and also for creating a visual interest for customers. By varying the heights of some parts of the display, you can easily get rid of the dullness and at the same time add more charm to the jewelry items displayed. Think about this – the fact that some jewelry items are fixed or put higher or lower than others can help it stand out and entice the customer’s eye. Another good idea of creating an appealing display is to put your jewelry items on the wall.

You can create a big poster or buy an easel and mount them on the wall and then put some jewelry items on it. This is an interesting way of displaying jewelry, but also a risky one. The customer can have complete access to those jewelry items, so do the shoplifters. So, if you try this way of displaying you have to be careful and pay attention all the time. There is also the possibility to use some vertical display cases that can be mounted on the wall. It depends on your preferences and the budget you are willing to spend.

jewelry-display-techniques-z2Make your best jewelry items the “stars” of the display case

Every jewelry store has those special, high-end, expensive jewelry items. These items are the ones which excite customer’s interest. Use them as eye-catchers. Don’t be afraid to display them. Be cautious putting them in a secured jewelry display case. Also, keep in mind not to create a special display case for all the high-end jewelry items you have. Putting all of them in a single place will not help you sell it faster. The customer who really wants to buy a very expensive jewelry item will buy it anyway.

But you can use your luxury and expensive jewelry items to sell the other items that are more accessible in terms of price. An average customer may see your high-end piece set in the middle of the display, he or she may like it, but consider that cannot afford it, so he or she may choose another jewelry item found nearby. Therefore, the so-called “star” of your display case can be used as an effective merchandising strategy.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Even though what we are going to talk about cannot be considered a way of displaying jewelry, it can help a jewelry store owner sell his merchandise. Well, what we want to say is that the mirror should be considered one of the most important objects in the jewelry business, as important as any other thing that can help selling jewelry. If a customer sees a piece of jewelry that he or she really likes it, there is a probability of buying it. Therefore, that probability could transform into a certainty if the customer tries it in front of a mirror.

A lot of women like to hold up earrings close to their ears to see if they fit properly with their skin, eye or hair color. The same thing happens, for example, with necklaces, but in this case is it obviously about how it fits on the neck and how long or short it is. There is an interesting thing about trying jewelry items in the mirror. We think that it has to do with psychology. The moment when a woman tries a jewelry item on in front of a mirror, something in her mind tells her that the piece is partially hers, that she already owns it. In most of the cases, a piece of jewelry that is tried on is also sold to the person who tries it. Therefore, every jewelry store owner should take into consideration increasing their number of mirrors in the store, if they have not already done it.