Do you ever get the feeling that most jewelry stores look identical lately? We do. What bothered us mostly was the lack of variety in terms of display tools when it comes to visual merchandising for jewelry. Sure, most stores manage to pull of a neat-looking series of displays, all symmetrical and organized, but many times it just feels like there’s nothing to focus on and there’s a persistent lack of personality denoted by the overly-standardized ways to display all types of jewelry.

Lots and lots of shiny rings go into the display trays, we get it. They have many rings. And boxes.

Snarky remarks aside, let’s see what other display tools jewelry store owners could use to spice up their merchandising and put the focus on the products they want sold faster.

Jewelry Store Visual Merchandising Tools

#1. Non-Slip Displays – Huray, No More Clips

“Ice Grip® non-slip patented material is designed specifically to address jewelry slippage without the use of hooks, clips or elastic. Ice Grip® allows for instant jewelry positioning without fasteners. Effortless removal for sales presentations: Faster set-up, Faster take-down.”

#2. Breakaway Trays – Beauty & Function

Nothing looks more out of place than an empty slot in a jewelry tray. Be it in store, at a trade show, a craft fair etc., you need to make sure that your jewelry trays already look great and they don’t have empty slots. This is where the breakaway trays come in handy. They’re somewhat of a novelty, they look absolutely great and have the added benefit of flexibility in terms of number of items you can display with them.

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#3. Easels – You Can’t Go Wrong With Them


#4. Transparent Acrylic Displays & Supports


#5. Rotating Displays –


#6. Floating Displays –


#7. Smart(er) Lightning –

When it comes to jewelry, it’s pretty much common knowledge that lighting can make or break a display. But we know it’s hard to get the lighting part right.

These days it seems that the Chinese put LED lights in absolutely everything, from small ring boxes, rotating displays to all the standard display cases. But that’s a bit far from ideal, as low quality LED lights might distort the color of jewelry or simply reflect in an unpleasant manner. We’ve even seen a lot of white gold jewelry in cases with blue LED lights. That’s not…eh, whatever.

In any case, the last thing you want is the customer to feel like the product (s)he just bought looks worse after leaving the store.

So, if your store doesn’t have the benefit of an intelligent lighting system or doesn’t get lots of natural sunlight, there are always smart options that are specifically designed for jewelry display. For example, these natural daylight LED light bulbs, these standing showcase lights and many more. The main thing you should keep in mind is to get lights that mimic daylight as closely as possible.

#8. Cones, Platforms & Risers


#9. Specialized Mannequins


#10. Display Trees Can’t Hurt


#11.  The Vintage Corner

There’s nothing that complements classy jewelry better than vintage display elements and furniture, like an armoire for example. Add in a couple of vintage style mirrors, jewelry boxes, custom tree stands and other decorative elements that feel right with you and you have something unique in your store.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try setting up just one “vintage display” area in your shop and see how well it clicks with your customers. We’re pretty sure that it’ll attract their attention and they’ll love it.

#12. Boxes, Gift Boxes & Gift Bags

We both know that boxes and gift boxes are high margin items. Obscenely high margin.

#13. The Window Display. The Scene.


#14. Themes. Seasonal Themes. Stories.

Go wild. There are so many themes that you can try, from books (creative book theme Vasco jewelry display picture in link), sweets to fantasy, vintage & retro design, specific lifestyles and so on.

In the end, you can choose a theme that you know evokes your audience’s lifestyle, or simply a fun theme to freshen up your store and draw attention or maybe you want to incorporate certain themes into your brand’s personality…or the other way around.

And let’s not forget…holiday themes are a must. From Valentine’s Day to Halloween and other holidays, shoppers expect you to “go with the flow” when it comes to mood and decorations. You might not like it, but it doesn’t pay to be the weird kid on the block that just doesn’t celebrate Christmas.

Thankfully, we’ll be around to provide you with enough inspiration, curated products and recommendations so you can