The jewelry business is not all about the money, branding and profit. If you want to start a jewelry business or you already own a jewelry store, investing a certain amount of money for buying the jewelry items you want to sell and the display cases for making it more appealing, is not enough for ensuring the success of the business. So, a good marketing strategy is required. Because the jewelry item is the star in this “movie”, the marketing strategy of a jewelry store has to concentrate especially on the visual.

Therefore, every jewelry store owner should look for tips, tricks, techniques, strategies or ideas that are closely related to jewelry visual merchandising. In this article we will try to make your research much easier and present you a number of tips and tricks that you definitely need to know about jewelry visual merchandising. That being said, let’s begin our journey!

Lighted Jewelry Display CaseInvest in display cases

Investing a serious amount of money in display cases can be a very clever action and can help a jewelry store a lot. By choosing the right display cases you can easily make a serious display system that can help customers see what kind of jewelry you are selling.

Always think about the holiday seasons

Thinking about making changes in your jewelry store according to the celebrations of the holiday seasons is a very good idea. For example, installing a few red and white festive jewelry props or fixtures can make your entire store be filled with the so-called “Christmas spirit”. You do not have to forget the fact that the Yuletide season is a season of joy not only for children, but also for adults. So, Santa Claus can easily enter a jewelry store if the Christmas spirit tells him so. Festive jewelry props and fixtures can add a lot of good cheer and excitement.

Choosing color according to the season is crucial

Every jewelry store owner should keep in mind that taking into consideration the color trends of the season is a crucial thing. If you are not so good with colors is important to ask a designer or an authorized person about what is the color trend of the season. For example, a few years ago the color trend that you could find on the props and fixtures of every jewelry store was the bright colors. Back in 2012 and even in 2013 a lot of jewelry stores used props and fixtures with a metallic color that complemented the jewelry items in a very beautiful way.

Don’t be afraid to look to others

Feeling inspired by looking to others is not wrong as long as you don’t copy. If you have a new stock of jewelry items that has to be displayed, the next step is to think about what props and fixtures you can choose in order to perfectly highlight the jewelry. Looking at other displays and feeling inspired by them is wonderful because one thing is clear – your interpretation will be an original one.

Keep it simple and relevant

Styles & Types of Jewelry Displays

Two important tips that every jewelry store owner should keep in mind is to be relevant and keep the display as simple as possible. What do we mean by “relevant”? Well, we all know that if you use certain props and fixtures that repeat a color, shape or pattern the image of any jewelry item can easily be enhanced. On the other hand, by keeping the display simple, we only mean that a jewelry display should show the most important pieces of a collection and not all the pieces of jewelry that the store has.

Cleaning is important

Think about how many people will enter your jewelry store if its windows and ledges, both inside and outside are dirty. The street outside the store should also be kept tidy, not mentioning the level of cleanliness inside the store.

Keep an eye on the size

Props and fixtures have to be in proportion with the jewelry items they display. It is ok to have a prop or fixture that is very large on purpose for creating an effect, but don’t exaggerate. When it comes to the size of props and fixtures it is better to ask for the help of an expert.


Beautiful & creative jewelry display & visual merchandising using a proper distribution of light

In this kind of business, light is very important. Every jewelry store owner should keep his or her store well lit and try to take advantage of lighting by making the best jewelry items they own more appealing.

Change is always welcome

Most of the successful jewelry store owners change the jewelry items in window displays regularly. Some of them even mix the pieces of jewelry around in the display stands. Sometimes, changing the place of a jewelry item can make it shine differently or look more appealing under a different light. Changing jewelry items regularly can also be effective for increasing sales.

Don’t let the customer get bored

If you keep the same window display more than a month, there is a real chance that your customers get bored or even tired seeing the same props and fixtures over and over again. You can always change the window display after a month or group jewelry in different ways.

Try organizing jewelry into collections

Efficient Jewelry Display Ideas & Techniques

Grouping pieces of jewelry together according to design, shape or color can be very useful for creating luxurious collections. Adding a good story to these collections can also make the jewelry items more appealing and, thus, more sell-able.

Try novel ways of displaying jewelry

You can always try new ways of displaying jewelry. For example, you can use photo frames or boards installed on a wall to display jewelry items that require more space, such as: necklaces and bracelets, but also earrings. What you have to do is choose the frame or board you want, take some pins and transform it in hangers for your jewelry. If you do not like pins, you can always choose special wall hooks that fit your best pieces.