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Discover the most impressive, creative & effective store designs, window displays and product displays with Zen’s Retail Design Blog. From luxurious fashion & jewelry store designs to grocery stores, food trucks & other specialized commerce activities, we’ve made it our personal mission to structure everything in a way that’s easy to digest and to gather the best designs that can inspire your next project.

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Our passion for all things commerce didn’t stop at store designs, window displays and product displays. On the contrary, we took it further and explored more in-depth areas such as commercial lighting design, signage design and we also approached some niches some as mobile commerce – food trucks, food carts, kiosks and more!

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Look further than the standard store fixtures such as display cases and shelving and discover specialized product display solutions custom tailored to emphasize your products’ qualities and design. We’ve invested a lot of effort in finding all sorts of creative product display solutions (some of which you might not have considered until now), so you can make the most out of your store’s space.

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