Powell Traditional Ebony Jewelry Armoire

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Powell Traditional Ebony Jewelry Armoire

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Petite, ebony jewelry armoire with a classic and traditional design, ideal for jewelry storage and organization. Fully lined with 100% rayon on the inside giving your jewelry collection an elegant appearance and convenient storage.

Wood composite panels, birch veneer, ebony finish
Flip-top with inset mirror
Convenient storage in top compartment

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If you are going for that antique, traditional touch when it comes to jewelry storage, the Powell ebony jewelry armoire is the best choice. Combining the traditional-style and sober design with its well-organized storage compartments, this jewelry armoire will look amazing in your bedroom, saving space, time in choosing the perfect accessory when going out and extending the life and appearance of your precious ornaments by eliminating the tangling, chipping and any other type of storage caused damage.

Crafted from birch veneer wood panels and with a beautiful ebony finish, this traditional jewelry armoire is timeless and will hold your trinkets, ornaments, necklaces, watches or any type of jewelry, always having room for more due its well-compartmented storage room. There are 3 top small drawers and 2 bottom large ones fitted with antique brass knobs, fully lined with black 100% rayon. The apparently simple sides are in fact two swing-open doors with fully lined interior and necklace hooks to keep everything organized, at hand and detangled. The flip-open mirrored top covers a ring compartment divided in half ring pads and half squares for other jewelry.

The Powell Traditional Ebony Jewelry Armoire comes preassembled, only requiring for the top and legs to be assembled, it can easily be moved around without losing its stability feature, being a piece that perfectly combines classic elegance with convenient jewelry storage and organization.
Wood composite panels, birch veneer, ebony finish
Flip-top with inset mirror
Convenient storage in top compartment
3 small and 2 large drawers, antique brass knobs
2 swing-open side doors with 1 row of 5 necklace hooks each

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