Morris Locking Wall Armoire – 19.5W x 32H in.

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Morris Locking Wall Armoire – 19.5W x 32H in.


If you want to save space and find a practical storage solution for your bedroom or any other room in the house, then this locking wall-mounted jewelry armoire is perfect for you. It can add depth and dimension to any space because of the incorporated mirror and it locks easily, helping you keep your jewelry secure. Its classic lines and rich finish add a sophisticated atmosphere that will surely make an impression on your guests or visitors.

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Nowadays people try to find more creative decoration solutions that will simplify our everyday life. We all know that good organization is the key for a well decorated and spacious home. So, one of the best solutions you will find on the market for space saving and jewelry storage is the exquisite Morris Locking Wall Armoire.

A modern piece of art, practical for its storage system and beautiful due to its traditional and modern at the same time design. Made out of solid MDF wood with wood veneers, very consistent in strength and size, with functional 19.5W x 6.5D x 32H in. dimensions, the Morris Locking wall-mounted jewelry armoire offers a large mirror, practical shelves on top and a neatly organized nook with everything you need to hold your jewelry collection: hooks for necklaces, ring rolls, and niches for other types of accessories.

In it, you can organize and keep everything in your jewelry collection safe. An additional advantage of the wall-mounted armoire is its locking system, very useful when you have small children in the house, or when you leave the armoire unsupervised in your retail store. With its solid wooden construction, practical usage and beautiful traditional design, which can be easily combined or contrasted with modern furniture, the Morris Locking Wall Armoire is an indispensable decoration product that will stand out and enhance any room in your home.

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