Black & Purple Magnetic Trifold Hanging Jewelry Organizer

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Black & Purple Magnetic Trifold Hanging Jewelry Organizer

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PORTABLE DESIGN (Travel Ready) – Jaimie Jewelry Organizer’s portable design is ideal for both The Home & Your Weekend Getaway. The Magnetic Latch Trifold design folds up compact, and makes it convenient to take your jewelry collection with you on all of life’s adventures.
HIGHEST QUALITY – Jaimie is the Highest Quality Jewelry Holder your hard earned money can buy. The heavy duty honeycomb fabric & transparent windows are similar to materials used in travel luggage, which means it’s extremely STRONG & tear RESISTANT. Jaimie can support your heaviest jewelries & accessories.
GET ORGANIZED – No more digging. No more searching. No more forgetting. Jaimie Hanging Jewelry Organizer gives you an INSTANT visual of your entire collection, and makes it EASY for you to decide what to wear. There is nothing better than always having the perfect accessory for that perfect outfit.

Usually ships in 24 hours

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It’s six in the evening and you are prepping for a party with your high school girlfriends. You head to your vanity mirror and check the drawers. Suddenly you cannot, for the life of you, find the perfect necklace to add a little spice to your simple little black dress. Dang! You’re meeting them at seven and you haven’t put on your makeup yet. Crisis, crisis.

This is what happens when your trinkets are tangled together. It is time to kick that mess and get rid of you’re the box that you hastily stored them in. Do yourself a favor and get a jewelry organizer, because that is what you need. At the rate you are collecting accessories, added to the rest of the jewelry, it is better to also have the Black & Purple Magnetic Trifold Hanging Jewelry Organizer.

The portable travel-ready design is perfect for an out of town on the weekend and for displaying your jewelry inside your room where you can see where every piece and pair is. Its magnetic latch trifold feature is also a convenient way for you to take it on a trip. This product is made with the highest quality because that what Jamie is all about. It helps to know that you won’t have to buy another one like this for a long time, so yes, it is worth the price. No more hassle on date nights and morning rush, at long last and the multiple varying pocket sizes allows you to store your most valuable rings too.

Product Specs

Unfolded: 22.2″ x 10.2″ (56.5cm x 26cm)

Folded: 8.3″ x 10.2″ (21cm x 26cm)

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