35 Piece Gray Leather Jewelry – Accessory Display & Organizer Set by Ikee Design®

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35 Piece Gray Leather Jewelry – Accessory Display & Organizer Set by Ikee Design®

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The pieces in this set are covered in steel gray and black faux leather trim, which creates a magnificent, elegant look, just perfect for displaying your precious accessories on these pieces. This set contains various shaped pieces, which can hold rings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, watches and earrings. You can arrange them anyway you like and use this set to showcase your jewelry collection in your storefront window, on the shelf or dressing table.

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Jewelry buyers are impressed not only by the jewelries you display, but also by the display you use for the jewelries, so it is important to carefully choose the pieces that you will use to attract the viewers to your store. Therefore, here you have this beautiful Ikee Design Jewelry Display, which is definitely going to attract more potential customers to you.

With 35 individual pieces, this set allows you to customize the display area in your desired configuration. If you wish to have your jewelry displayed as sets, then you can use the pieces in this set to place them together, so that your customers can see all the jewelry pieces that they can get together to combine them as a beautiful and complete set. However, if you wish to have your accessories showcased in a special way, you can also do this, by rearranging the 35 pieces in this set to create the showcase configuration that you consider to be attractive to your potential buyers.

The full set measures at 44 1/4″W x 16 1/2″D x 10 3/4″H.

With various shaped pieces included in this set, you will be able to display 5 necklaces, 7 pairs of earrings, 4 bracelets or watches, 43 rings and 2 T-bars. You can easily arrange the pieces in the set to create the model that you wish, so it offers you the opportunity to use your imagination in a way that you will attract the customers you wish.

Whether you wish to separate the different jewelries, or you wish to combine them, you can easily do this, as the pieces are individually added to this set, so you can create any display configuration that you want. This enables you to rearrange the pieces every time you feel it is needed, so you can display every of your jewelry in its special location, where it can be easily admired by your potential customers.

Featuring an elegant design, with its individual pieces that can be arranged in a wide array of combinations, this set is an excellent choice for attracting your customer’s attention to the luxurious accessories you wish to showcase.

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