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Music Genres That Increase In-Store Sales When Played

Music is a powerful medium through which we can self-regulate our emotions and change our moods. Without sounds, visual perception is different: less contrasting, less attention-demanding, and less informative. In retail, music is perceived as a powerful tool due to its ability to influence customers while shopping, many researchers suggesting that there is a strong impact that music has on purchasing behavior. Music affects the time, the speed and even the amount of money spent […]

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9 Reasons Why Music is a Great Tool in Retail

When you are out shopping on a Friday evening, leaving behind a long week of work and kicking off a well-deserved weekend, what draws you to a particular store? Of course, if you are shopping for something specific, it can be a certain item you eye in the window, the big sale signs everywhere or maybe just your loyalty towards that particular store. However, if you are just strolling around, looking to kill time, it […]

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Everything About Music In Women’s Apparel Stores

Music has played a major role in people’s life even from the beginning of the first created sounds. Despite the fact that music has changed over the years (mainly due to the technology) its effects and influence upon our brain have not… And this is something that retailers are aware of. Even more than this, a well-trained and prepared retailer knows what music to play in the background of his store – and here we […]

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The Impact Of Fast & Slow Music On Customers’ Spending Habits

I think all of us can recall a situation in which music has impacted our mood. For instance, when you are feeling down or blue, you can act as either one of these following two types of people: you either crave sad, slower music as it speaks to you in that particular moment, or you look for upbeat music in order to cheer you up. Either way, through our predilection for acting a certain type […]

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The Guide To Perfect Music Choice For Your Jewelry Store


Since their creation, humans have been lured and fascinated by beauty in all its shapes and sizes. But they thought that natural and raw is not always enough, and they felt the need to accentuate their features using other elements. They started with colors and textures and finally, they discovered materials.

Materials that transformed into pieces of art. Yes, I am talking about jewels, the symbol of richness, power and extravagance. […]

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Why You Should Play Music In Your Retail Store

Music is very important to retail for its ability to change one’s mood and behavior. This situation can be exploited inside stores with great benefits because it has an impact on how customers feel and how they perceive the environment or the products. Without music / sounds, visual perception is altered, a genuine experience being seriously damaged.

Information we get from the environment is less contrasting and less informative if sounds are missing. Generally speaking, music is […]

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8 Amazing Effects That Background Music Has On Sales

Music is well-known for its ability to affect our mood in a beneficial way. Its power to influence our behavior can be exploited inside stores as a way to improve marketing strategies. When selecting background music for stores, retailers need to bear in mind the fact that it can help them increase sales due to the influence it can have on customers’ purchasing decision.

Music proves to be very effective when there is a need to […]

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