Colorfully Lighted Glass Ornaments

Most of the people involved in the jewelry business know that this kind of business is a very complex one. Every jewelry store owner knows very well that in order to be successful you have to not only invest a serious amount of money, but also a lot of time and dedication.  Investing a lot of money and wait for the jewelry items to be sold is not going to work. As we already mentioned, investing time and dedication is also important. What do we mean by dedication?

Well, it is simple – dedication means implication. As a jewelry store owner, you have to try to know everything about this business. You have to know what you are selling, you have to understand your customer’s needs, find a pattern of their shopping behavior, know your competition very well, so on and so forth. This kind of business requires total dedication and involvement. Besides trying to know everything about the business, you also have to find the jewelry merchandising strategy that fits best your jewelry business. In this complex domain of jewelry, the best marketing strategy is that based on visual. Trying to improve the overall image of the store can help every jewelry store owner increase sales. In this article, we will try to present you one of the factors that we consider to be essential in successfully displaying jewelry – lighting.

It doesn’t matter too much how nice your store looks or how fine your pieces of jewelry are, as long as you fail to display your products in the best possible light. When it comes to displaying jewelry, lighting plays an important role in determining customers to make a decision. Lighting does not have to be seen as an additional expense, but as a powerful marketing tool that can showcase jewelry items, highlighting its luxury and ultimately boost sales.

Using light correctly can make you be one step ahead of your competition. Nowadays, the most used type of light is LED (also known as light emitting diode), which can be very effective in time in terms of energy consumption. How important is lighting in terms of store’s costs? Well, at least a quarter of the costs of the store should be dedicated to lighting, and we refer here at electricity, fixtures and maintenance. Being Scrooge won’t help you sell your pieces of jewelry, so invest in lighting.

Investing in overhead lighting is a great solution

There are several ways in which you can invest in lighting for your store. If you have a great budget at your disposal, you can invest in both overhead lighting and in the light within your display cases and showcases. If your budget is a limited one, we recommend you to put all your money in overhead lighting, because this kind of lighting is essential. Choosing the best and suitable overhead lighting for your store can be of great help in selling your jewelry items. When a customer sees a certain piece of jewelry, and want to check its details, you will have to remove it from the display case or showcase.

The customer examination will have to be done in the light from above, so the light plays an important role in determining the consumer to buy or not a particular jewelry item. When choosing your overhead lighting you have to take into consideration a series of important aspects. First of all, you have to think about the size of your store. Then, you also have to consider the height of your ceiling. If your jewelry store is a small one, then the ceiling must have no more than 9 feet. If the ceiling is higher, then you should consider choosing suspended overhead lights. Another important thing to keep in mind is the light warmth. Why is this aspect important? Well, the different types of light warmth will also determine the color of the light.

As you probably know, light warmth is measured in Kelvin degrees. So, if your store has a lot of jewelry items made of silver or a lot of jewelry that contain diamonds, the best light warmth will be the cool white one, which will add a very nice sparkle to these kind of jewelry. Let’s see some examples of light warmth. The 3000 K degrees lights’ color is usually warm white with a yellowish glow. The 3400 K degree lights up to the 4500 K degree lights have a neutral white color and the 4600 K degree lights and higher present a cool white color with a bluish glow. Therefore, you have to be careful, examine these types of lights and choose what you consider is best for your jewelry store.

Beautifully Lighted Jewelry Display CaseDisplay case and showcase lighting are also important

Having display case and showcase lighting can make the difference when it comes to sales. This kind of lighting is considered to be one of the crucial factors in promoting jewelry sales. The fact that most of the jewelry items that you find in jewelry stores are small can be a little disadvantage. That is why display case and showcase lighting is important – it can make jewelry items more visible. Thus, every customer can evaluate what she or he sees and choose whatever she or he likes best. When it comes to display case and showcase lighting, the positioning of these lights is critical. This kind of lights should be positioned in such a way so that it can make the pieces of jewelry look good.

Shadows and light, that does not look good, are bad for business. As we already mentioned, warmth and color are also important in this business, because they can always maximize those special and unique features of the high-end jewelry pieces. For showcases, the best way in which you can use lighting is to position one light source at the top and another at the back. In this way, the light will not affect negatively the view of the jewelry items that are inside.