100+ Visual Merchandising Best Practices & Resources

The Modern Merchandiser’s Complete Toolkit

We’ve spent countless hours going through thousands of store designs, displays and worked alongside quite a few respected retail consultants to bring you the absolute best resource kit when it comes to visual merchandising: actionable & relevant insights based on experience and hard data.

So, what’s inside?

  • 50 Merchandising Best Practices
  • 20 Psychological Triggers
  • 25 Awesome VM Case Studies
  • 10 Useful VM Tools To Use

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Discover The Best Practices That Actually Drive Results

Oh my…where do we even start? Well, from window display designs, storefront design, display case design, arrangement & decorating to interior lighting and signage, we have you covered.

Our goal is to help you nail down the most effective tactics & techniquest you can use to delight your store’s visitors and seduce them into opening their hearts and wallets.

Beyond all that, we’re taking our approach of visual merchandising to the next level though by approaching the “5 senses of retail”. More details in the ebook.

Visual Merchandising Best Practices
Psychological Triggers & Tactics

Take Advantage Of Psychological Triggers

Pshychological triggers used right are the main factor that drives impulse buys and they’re one of the major factors even with big ticket purchases. That’s right, we’ve researched and compile them all, just for you.

Some might say these psychological triggers are just “gimmicks” or “tricks”, it doesn’t change the fact that they work and they can be responsible for a big impact on your bottom line if used properly.

We’re going to be impartial here, though. You’ll have to decide where the line you won’t cross is when it comes to using various psychological triggers to market your merchandise towards your customers.

Implement Tried & Proven Strategies

We’ve spent a lot of time documenting ourselves with each new piece of content we published and we’ve saved all the hidden gems in terms of retail and small business case studies you can use.

We’re not big fans of reinventing the wheel, but we’re big fans of efficiency and data driven best practices and that’s exactly what we focused on when selecting the most relevant case studies.

Best of all, you don’t even have to read the full length case studies: we went ahead and summarized all the valuable conclusions. Skim and choose what fits your case best.

Case Studies & Conclusions
Visual Merchandising Tools

The Best Tools For A Visual Merchandising Refresh

Even with a clearly structured visual merchandising strategy, the steps from concept to implementation and not to mention measuring results and ROI can be overwhelming and expensive.

The solution lies in both conceptual, classic tools and smart software solutions that are specifically designed with such use cases in mind. Or both. Amazing things can happen when you have the right tools at hand.

With that in mind, we’ve gathered and organized over 10 absolutely awesome tools you can use to put your (new) visual merchandising strategy into practice easier, faster and cheaper.

Extra Resources & Inspiration Sources

Visual Merchandising & The 5 Senses of Retail

Using The Sense of Sight in Retail
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