Jewelry armoires are one of the lesser known pieces of furniture that are held in high regard by all jewelry lovers and connoisseurs, serving multiple truly useful functions: decorating your room, organizing, storing & displaying your jewelry items at the same time. Depending on various models, jewelry armoires have various extremely useful features such as side drawers for necklaces, lockable drawers, swivel mirrors or full frontal mirrors and accessory organizers. They come in pretty much all shapes & sizes and we’ve scoured the web to find all the most popular types and models, from free standing ones to over the door ones that will save you time & space.

With 17 types of jewelry armoires at the moment, you’ll surely find the perfect one for your needs. No matter how large or small your budget (or space in the area you want an armoire in), you’ll surely find the perfect one among our curated collections, neatly organized by features / styles & functionality:

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Beautiful Standing Mirror Jewelry Armoires
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Discover More Jewelry Armoires

If you’re still unsure what style or type of jewelry armoire is best for you, we invite you to dive into our guide on jewelry holders which cover all the styles, types, materials & form factors of jewelry holders you can use to display, store or organize your jewelry.

Types Of Jewelry Armoires

» Types of Jewelry Armoires

Jewelry armoires might not be the best fit for your jewelry display & storage needs, so you might find some other types of jewelry displays that are a better choice in our in-depth guide on the styles & types of jewelry displays. Or you might find some great additional jewelry holders, organizers or displays that go great with your armoire.

Styles & Types of Jewelry Displays

» Types of Jewelry Displays

Don’t forget to check out our two other series: The Perfect Jewelry Armoires which covers the perfect jewelry armoire of each type and The Best Jewelry Armoires, which covers the most creative, the most useful, beautiful and the budget & premium choices when it comes to jewelry holders. Or you can just jump to the Zen Store and check out our selection of over 500+ jewelry armoires.

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If you haven’t found the perfect jewelry armoire, don’t give up just yet! We’ve curated more than 20 types of armoires for you to choose from and you can complement your purchase of an armoire with more beautiful jewelry organizers & holders as well:

The Best Jewelry Armoires
Best Jewelry Organizers
The Best Jewelry Holders