The Best Jewelry Mannequins

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The Best Jewelry Mannequins

Jewelry mannequins are one of the more unusual and original ways of organizing and displaying your jewelry. Either as centerpieces of window display designs, subtle additions to your visual merchandising strategy or just decorative items that double as jewelry organizers in your home, these mannequins are a great choice and we’ve spent the time to find the absolute best jewelry display mannequins you can buy online.

While there are over 50 types of mannequins at the moment, your choices in jewelry display mannequins are much more limited, consisting of heads, hands, busts, stands and feet. Of course, you can complement your jewelry mannequin selection with many other solutions; just check out all the types of jewelry displays you can use.

Choose Your Favorite Style, Type & Shape

In our usual style, we have a lot more to show you. If the selections above don’t contain the mannequin you’re looking for, you’ll surely find it in the other 45 types of mannequins below. Although they’re mostly apparel-focused mannequins, many of them can be used just as well for jewelry & accessory display.

The Best Mannequins

» The Best Apparel Mannequins

Discover More Display Options

If you’re still unsure what style or type of jewelry mannequin is best for you, we invite you to dive into our selection of jewelry displays which cover all the styles, types, materials & form factors of jewelry holders, boxes, display cases, organizers and many more solutions you can use to display, store or organize your jewelry.

The Best Jewelry Displays

» The Best Jewelry Displays

The standard classification we’ve used might not be the best fit for your jewelry display & storage needs, so you might find some other types of jewelry displays that are a better choice in our in-depth guide on the styles & types of jewelry displays.

Styles & Types of Jewelry Displays

» Types of Jewelry Displays

Don’t forget to check out our other curated series on our blog to discover creative and unusual display solutions. Or you can just jump to the Zen Store and check out our selection of over 5,000 jewelry displays.

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