25 Beautiful Bracelet Holders

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25 Beautiful Bracelet Holders

What many of us do not know is that bracelets have a long, interesting and meaningful history behind them. First used by the Egyptians and the Greeks, they were made out of bones, woods and stones and worn for various spiritual and religious reasons. All along the human history, we can easily see that they were worn by different people from regions that had almost nothing in common – barbarians wore them (for instance, the Vikings), peasants wore them, lords and kings did the same thing.

Nowadays, such as every piece of jewelry, bracelets (whether we are talking about beaded bracelets, slap bracelets, link bracelets and so on) can conveniently be considered a form of art through which certain feelings and emotions can be transmitted. And because the jewelry industry is so flourished, bracelets have been reaching their peak – they are really popular and ubiquitous in every woman or man’s outfit – in some cases it is strange not to accessorize you clothes with jewelry, especially with bracelets because they are effortlessly easy to notice.

It is truly magical how a bracelet can change someone’s whole outfit and give them a fashionable look. But as mentioned before, there is a multitude of existing bracelets models out there and in order for a store to sell their products; they firstly need to put them in a better light – using holders. The main role of these holders is to attract customers’ attention and make them buy as many bracelets as possible. Here are some of the most creatively and beautifully designed holders that are guaranteed to be eye-catching:

#1. The cone-like bracelet holder

What is so special about this holder is that it can easily give a minimal look the bracelet that is exposed and it will also help showing it uniqueness and its details – due to the fact that only a couple of bracelets can be put on this holder.

#2. The diamond shaped holder

As the name instantly implies, this holder will automatically create a fancy atmosphere and it will give an extravagant look to the bracelet – it is strictly recommended to be used with more expensive items and in jewelry stores that are selling only high-quality bracelets.

#3. The peg bracelet holder

What is definitely fantastic about this type of holder is that it gives the chance to truly see how the bracelet looks like and whether it has certain imperfections or flaws. It is fascinating to see how a regular object, such as a peg, can be transformed and used to display jewelry.

#4. The classical holder

Not only this is the most common holder of them all, but it also comes in different sizes and colors and it can have a large number of tiers (the regular number being 3). Despite the fact we are so familiar to it and whenever we are thinking about a bracelet holder this model is the first one to come in our mind – it can still be considered fancy and used only in certain stores.

#5. The wooden holder

Even though this kind of holder is constructed following the aspects of the classical one, owing to the fact that it is made out of wood it gives a more rustic and primitive feeling – it is mainly used for bracelets that have a pale or a brownish color, but in some cases with something that will help create a contrast.

#6. The futuristic holder

This model is not frequently used because it is legitimately hard to handle – it is the complete opposite of the two previous holders. Not any type of bracelet can be put on one of its tiers and still look beautiful because of the transparency of the plastic. Here are recommended bracelets that do not have many details (for instance, glitter) on them.

#7. The coat hanger holder

Even if this kind of holder is more of a DIY (do-it-yourself) project, it can be used in stores that mainly sale accessories for teenagers and young adults (especially female) because it transmits a boohoo vibe.

#8. The inspired-from-nature holder

This holder, whether it is made out of a metal or just from wood, it is extremely useful because we can but on the branches as many bracelets as we want to – so here we have an economy of space and time. What is more intriguing about this type is that it combines nature (the shape of a three) with the art of jewelry – art that exists since forever.

#9. The artsy hand holder

Mainly created to resemble the surrealistic paintings, this holder looks like something Salvador Dali created – it is genuinely elegant and no matter what color it is – it can bring out the good from any kind of jewelry.

#10. The pillow bracelet holder

This combination of delicateness and creativity will unquestionably create a cozy ambiance. If using one of these ingenious holders, the color should be chosen wisely; meaning that it should highlight the piece of jewelry.

#11.The Hoomall black three holder

In comparison to the regular type of three, this holder brings a different perspective upon nature. Its simple construction will establish a pretentious atmosphere, thus silver or golden jewelry are favored.

#12. Bottle bracelet holder

One of the most eye-catching and easy to make type of holders, it made a sensation on the social media – many stores decide to use painted bottles as holders, not only to decorate a room, but to recycle as well.

#13. Lady mannequin bracelet holder

Considered as one of the most popular displays, thanks to the fact it can be bought in every color, it can be used in literally every store that sells jewelry, especially bracelets. Its color can be chosen with taking in consideration its surroundings. Another advantage is that it gives a feminine air to whatever it is put on it.

#14.The huji two lady bracelet holder

Designed as a better version of the “Lady mannequin” it is mainly preferred by people who prefer a much simpler holder. Because of its classicality, a large variety of bracelets can be held on it – the color and the details of the bracelet are not important when using this kind of holder.

#15.The Rack

Adapted from the classical style, it is generally seen in men’s store as a result of its density and its resistance – it can hold watches or other heavy jewelry that would normally make another holder lose its equilibrium.

#16.The elegant hand holder

Compared to a simple mannequin’s hand made out of plastic, this kind of holder has an ionic column set under it; not only to maintain its stability, but to make it look refined as well. It can be mainly seen in luxurious stores due to the fact is so stylish.

#17.The jewelry display stand

Even if at first it might be hard to see it, the main piece represents a treble clef, designed in a more simplistic way. It comes in handy because it gives, let’s say in a store, the customers a chance to take a better look at the bracelets.

#18.The revolving stand

Both creative and practical, this kind of holder works perfectly in a store that large number of bracelets that need to be sold. It is simple and that mean the holder itself will not attract the customer’s attention and he will be able to focus on what he would like to buy.

#19. The Dachshund bracelet holder

One of the cutest holders ever, it is guaranteed to catch any animal’s lover attention because it is ingenious, practical and adorable as well. And another advantage it has is that it can be used as a decorative item as well

#20.The bangle stand

Due to the patterns and the colors that can be found on one of these stands, it is an item that can perfectly fit in any kind of environment. Another convenience is that large number of bracelets can be displayed on it.

#21.The wall bracelet holder

It is the suitable choice for a person who likes to be organized and who liked to think practically as well – because of the fact the holder itself is found on the wall, the risk of losing the items diminishes drastically and there is more space in the room.

#22.The bracelet stick

This is one of the holders that are the easiest to use and the chances of losing something that was put in there do not exist. It is really efficient for people who are always in a hurry and need to rapidly change their accessories.

#23.The display stand with hooks

With its motives, this holder parallels very much the Easter European culture. What is even more wonderful about it, is that the number of hooks is not standard – it can differ from model to model.

#24. The Ikee metal spiral stand

This skillful and inventive creation, which is widely known in the interior design world, mirrors a martini glass. The tiny flowers added on it make it more feminine, wanting many women to have such a stand on which to hang their jewelry.

#25. The case shelf organizer

We can easily call this model every organized person’s dream. Even if it at first it might not seem really interesting, finding it in our favorite color or with a pattern that will love, it will become perfect in our eyes.

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