The jewelry business is considered to be one of the most spectacular and profitable businesses in the world. It seems very attractive and the fact that if done right, it can be extremely profitable and makes people consider opening their own jewelry stores. Those who want to get involved in this kind of business have to be very careful before they do it. Why is that? Well, there are a lot of aspects that are worth to be taken into consideration.

The first aspect refers to the fact that, at the very beginning, a person who wants to start his or her own jewelry store has to invest a considerable amount of money. Even so, this big investment cannot guarantee that the business will be successful. Therefore, thinking about choosing what kind of jewelry items you want to sell, the way in which they can be arranged or organized, using the right lighting to make them more appealing, and last but not least, choosing the best merchandising strategy, are also important things that can help every jewelry store owner be successful. A good merchandising strategy has to respect the way in which the jewelry items are displayed.

Therefore, in this article we will try to present some jewelry storage options and also some interesting jewelry display ideas you can use in order to make your pieces of jewelry look special.

Boards & Frames – The Simplest & Easiest Way To Display Your Jewelry

We all know that for a jewelry store, the formal way of showing jewelry items is using display cases. Sometimes, just using display cases is not enough. Simple use of display cases may not have the force to make the jewelry items look appealing enough to the customer’s eye. So, if you want to really show off your jewelry items you can choose the simplest and easiest way to display your jewelry by using boards or frames.

Making The Most Out Of An Outside Jewelry Display Booth

Making The Most Out Of An Outside Jewelry Display Booth

Using large boards or photo frames can be a good idea, especially if you are going to display long necklaces. This wall display type can have numerous advantages. Displaying jewelry items on such boards or frames can give you and your customers a better view and also an easy way to access them. It can also help your pieces of jewelry to highlight their textures, shapes and colors. These boards and frames can also be used for smaller items. To make smaller jewelry items look more appealing you can always use decorative drawing pins to put them on the board or frame. Instead of pins, you can use corks from bottles. Cork is a nice alternative and you can use glue to put it onto the frame and transform it into a hanger for your jewelry.

The disadvantage of cork appears when you need to change or vary the contents of the display. Using pins is much easier to do that. The big disadvantage of this kind of displaying jewelry items refers to the security of your products. It is very nice to let customers touch and try different items, but you always have to be careful on shoplifters. A solution to this problem would be a display case mounted on the wall. This would make your products more secure, but it would also diminish customer’s access because customers would be able to see it, but not try it freely as before.

Use Decorated / Thematic Bowls To Display Your Jewelry

Jewelry Displayed In A Bowl

Yes, you heard right! Using bowls to display jewelry items is a jewelry display idea that can show off your items and at the same time making it part of the décor. What attracts customer’s attention is the novelty of this jewelry displaying technique. People do not expect to see jewelry items in bowls when they enter a jewelry store. This technique works best when you choose the right piece of jewelry.

Choosing one or maybe a few high-end or special pieces of jewelry to showcase can maximize both the effect of the bowl and that of the jewelry item. The bowl and the jewelry item found in it are interconnected. The customer’s eyebrows raise the moment he or she sees the bowl and then all the attention is applied to what is inside. Therefore, don’t be afraid to try this novel way of displaying jewelry because it might be worth it.

Scattered Jewelry Wall Hook DisplayPatterned Or Scattered Wall Hooks Can Look Stunning

This idea resembles a lot with the first one presented in this article. These wall hooks can be used as jewelry hangers. It can be used on their own or be combined with frames and boards. For example, if your budget doesn’t allow you to buy a display case that can be mounted on a wall, you can easily try wall hooks. You can mount them directly on the wall or combine them in a photo frame or on a board. After you do this, you can easily show off the different jewelry items your store owns. This idea works best if you want to create an appealing wall display.

Go Artistic With Jewelry Display Trees

Another truly novel way in which you can display jewelry, is using jewelry trees. Jewelry trees represent an artistic way of displaying jewelry. A jewelry tree can be made from branches, twine or twigs and can also be painted if you want to give it a special shine. You can also put the tree in a vase to give the feeling of “Do it yourself” kind of thing. In a jewelry tree you can hang a lot of different types of jewelry, from necklaces and bracelets to rings and earrings.

As it happens with display cases, the most important thing is that the jewelry trees should be able to help jewelry items look more appealing and not steal customer’s attention by itself. Jewelry trees are best used in vertical display cases or inside the ones that can be mounted on the wall. In this way, the customer can easily see and choose the jewelry item that fits her or him.