Main Storefront Picture - Nature Theme Storefront Design

Spring is here with ever higher temperatures and blooming visual merchandising ideas. These days we’re looking for fresh alternatives to enjoy our free time. Fortunately for us, Kreation Juice chain brings a fresh air both to its products and natural storefront designs.

Kreation Juice - Window Display Design

If you will pass by this juice store, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by its appearance. Wood and herbs seem to be the main theme of this Juicers chain. Really appealing to its customers and passers-by, this fresh boutique invites everyone inside to enjoy in their harmony.

Storefront Window Display by Kreation Juice - Green, Natural Theme

Featured with large windows, wooden elements and different types of plants, this Juicers chain’s natural storefront represent an ideal way to strengthen the image of an organic brand. Surely we adore this place for its ability to promote an organic lifestyle through its storefront designing ideas.

Natural theme based storefront design