Millington Associates and Nike continued their fruitful collaboration. For the launch of Nike’s Air Zoom Show in 2015, fluorescent magenta was the main theme. Inside the Niketown London store, large windows, bright colors, technology and cracked 3D letter bent to offer the consumer a visual delight.

Fluorescent Magenta Display Window Design - Millington Associates Nike Store Design

Visual merchandising is one of the most important elements of the retail environment. Millington Associates came up with a great idea, showing majestic windows, wide aisles offering the shoppers the space they needed to move around, imposing screens with the main products.

For shoppers’ complex experience, an interactive LED screen sent enticing invitations to challenge each other into running battles.

Nike Store Design by Millington Associates

We consider Nike’s Air Zoom Show’s launch a true piece of art and we are impressed by Millington Associates creativity and vision.

Fantastic Nike Store Design by Millington Associates