Using the proper lights can offer a space an amazing halo, without using additional elements. Interior Japanese designer named Noriyuki Otsuka brought to life a 278 square meters space using the proper metallic colors and…light.

Industrial Theme Metal Support - Store Design Showcase

Le Ciel Bleu Store overflows with elegance and beauty. The idea behind it revolves around balance and architectural techniques. The white space has gives the impression of a blank canvas, no walls and the gold metallic floor next to the main layout gives the feeling of 0 gravity.

Ciel Bleu - Minimalist Industrial Store Design

Sometimes, all you need to create a work of art in your store is the inspiration to use simple elements. No extra items to clutter the space – just light and pale tones for a luxurious sensation.

Retail Store Architectural Lighting Techniques & Design

We encourage you to choose simplicity; as you can see, it can be absolutely marvelous. This elegant store lightning may be exactly what you need in your retail store.

Elegant Store Lighting Design - Pale Tones Color Scheme