In spring 2013, Dolce and Gabbana released a new collection inspired by Sicilian iconography. To display their apparel items, they chose colorful ceramic heads inspired by south Italian tradition.

Colorful Window Display Design - Ceramic Sicilian Theme

Window Display Idea - Ceramic Head Display Element

Enjoy the photos and you will discover a world full of strong tones, from Mediterranean blue to the color of red Sicilian oranges. The large windows are filled with pottery heads painted the same color hues as the apparel on display. Every item displayed in the windows attract and invite customers inside.

Full Size Ceramic Display Head for Window Display Design

We do love their colorful window display idea. A feast of amazing tones that sends you directly under the Sicilian Sun. Powerful imagery, strong tradition, fine design and remarkable goods have written the perfect recipe for an amazing window display.

Creative Shoe Display Element - Window Display Design