Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could find a store that offers a unique shopping experience? A retail space in which you can find items sorted in the same manner as in the home of a real man? A new business, where comfort comes first, different from what you’ve seen so far?

Well, you’ll be delighted to see what we found in the vibrant city of Paris.


This brand new concept store offers customers a peek into different interconnected worlds which helps them experience a higher level of shopping. Dedicated to men and their lifestyle, this retail store disposes of an original design. Divided into a series of corners, the store offers you the same compartmentalization as you would find in your own home.


La Garçonnière measures 250sqm and offers a view into a man’s home, fully equipped with a coffee bar with all sorts of goodies, a dressing room, a perfect living room, a shoes corner and other spaces. Each corner you approach will speak to you differently, being designed to create a specific atmosphere.


We absolutely love their concept, we also appreciate all the effort they’ve put in creating this fascinating place. It looks amazing and we think that it offers one of the most comfortable shopping experience we’ve seen so far.