There is one particular feeling we all cannot help but experience whenever we make something with our own bare hands. It may be writing a poem for a friend or drawing something lovely as a handmade and heartfelt gift for your mother’s birthday. It may even be the first time you give cooking a try and end up puking after finishing one full plate of your own failed pasta that you, a human being full of self-respect, thoroughly convinced yourself you must eat.

It may be anything you made all by yourself – you would most definitely be filled with this heartwarming feeling of pride, even for the not-so-greatly-done endeavors, and that is because you will feel this strong connection with the objects you brought to life yourself. It is exactly the reason why DIY projects are so important in one’s life.

They are, after all, a must hobby-wise. One of the object categories that I find particularly interesting and beneficial to DIY (more than to purchase) is jewelry storage. Whether you are one of those who loves showing off their jewelry in an all-eyes-on-me type of manner or you are one of those who seek just a less-than-ordinary type of storage for their necklaces, I thought I would share the few ones that I completely fell in love with. I, for one, could not make up my mind upon one single DIY, but maybe you will be able to. I will let them speak for themselves now, because their magic is undoubtedly sort of self-explanatory:

#1. The Metamorphosis of the Coat Hanger or one of the reasons you should believe that, just like people, objects are too more than what meets the eye. You can paint it, add a pattern or a texture to it – the point is you only need a coat hanger and a few hooks and, well, a creative mindset!

#2. The Artsy Reinterpretation of the Basic Glass Bottle is one that requires such little effort for a lovely and aesthetically pleasant result. I would also try to paint the bottle a different color, to add a tiny twist to it, but it is up to you what you decide to do with yours.

#3. The Clothespin Jewelry Hanger reminds me of a coat hanger, only it is for necklaces and bracelets. You do not even need much to recreate this DIY: just something to put on your wall, a rectangular piece of whatever material you choose – but something solid! – and a few clothespins attached to it.

#4. If you are not that into buying extra hangers, a lovely alternative to the coat hanger is the Display Branch. Not only it makes you take a walk on the wild side, in nature, but it is as inexpensive as a jewelry display can get.

#5. Its close relative, the Deer Antler, goes amazingly well with round hooks and gives your room a nice antique store vibe. Your bedroom décor will instantly spiral upwards, you will see for yourself.

#6. For those of you who are willing to dedicate some time to the lovely art of DIY-ing, here is the Ultimate Display for All Types of Jewelry. Be it a necklace, a pair of earring or a bracelet, it will all fit nicely in this one.

#7. The Amazing Chandelearring will definitely get you plenty of applauses, as it is an unexpected alternative use of a chandelier. It also has the benefit of fitting possibly all the pairs of earrings you, your mother and your sister own.

#8. If you enjoy wearing bracelets, but you find it difficult to store the rigid ones, here you have the Picture Frame – you can paint it a nice color and add some rolled felt and you are good to go!

#9. The Bamboo Placemat is not just another ordinary alternative for your great collection of earrings – it is truly a nice DIY project that you will enjoy doing!

#10. I mentioned above the picture frame as a bracelet holder and now I will introduce the Chicken Wire Window Frame Jewelry Holder, which, with little adjustments, can fit all types of jewelry.

#11. The Mirror Frame Jewelry Storage works best with pieces of lace that you hang your necklaces, earring and bracelets on. If you go for an all white aesthetic, you will definitely fall in love with the result.

#12. The Mountain Necklace or Bracelet Display is one of my favorites because of minimal vibe it brings to your room and the simplicity of it.

#13. The Actual Mirror Displays only need an object to stick in the middle as a hanger and they are ready. The more interesting the shape of the mirror, the chicer your room gets!

#14. If you are into sculpturing, carving and all that effort of a true DIY artist, then you will love trying out this Clickboard Necklace Bust Display. It may appear a tough job – which it actually really is compared to the others – but with a little motivation, you will be able to proudly declare yourself a winner.

#15. The Candle Holder is such a lovely idea because it looks vintage and classy and it brings elegance to the environment you place it in. It is also very easy to ensemble, as you only need an actual candle holder along with a candle to paint the same color or add a nice pattern.

#16. The Wooden Bracelet Holder is, just like the click board necklace bust display, a difficult one to the ensemble, but surely a unique one to own.

#17. The ring alternative is this Tiny Ring Holder made of wood, which you can easily put together if you have the patience to do so.

#18. This may look like an intricate coat hanger, but it is, in fact, a Round Jewelry Display to hang on your wall. It does not fit much jewelry, but it is a nice display idea for your best pieces.

#19. You may believe me or not, but this is a Toilet Paper Roll Jewelry Display. You only need to cover the toilet paper roll with another material, so people cannot guess its original use.

#20. The Glass Display is perfect for a set of jewelry: you can hang a necklace and its matchy bracelet on the glass part and place the earrings or the rings on the tray at the bottom.

#21. The Tray Ensemble I find to be a better approach at displaying jewelry on a tray, as it incorporates these lovely trays in a compact version. It is also easier to organize your jewelry: you can place the tiny ones, such as rings or earrings, on top, then the bracelets and at the bottom a few necklaces.

#22. This one can be made even out of cardboard pieces shaped adjusting. The Round Tray Ensemble can also be customized with different patterns and textures.

#23. Another Paper Roll Jewelry Display is this horizontal one best used for bracelets, so I suggest you pay attention to what you are throwing in the trash next time you clean your bathroom.

#24. A very pretentious one indeed, this Elegant Plant Display needs a flower pot, some rocks, a reinterpretation of two strong branches, some touch of gold and, well, some jewelry!

#25. On the same page, we have another touch of nature with this Rustic Wooden Jewelry Display that consists of a large frame and some branches. Painting them the same color or two contrasting colors is what I consider the best approach.

Now I know you are as amazed by these concepts as I am, so I wish you good luck into picking your favorites. I know it is a tough choice for me too.