Jewelry is something special, especially for women, but no stranger to men either, right from birth: we receive traditional jewelry or an expensive gift when we are born, then we go into childhood sporting beaded bracelets full of lucky charms, we find what we think is going to be forever our signature piece of jewelry when we are teenagers, afterwards we proceed into discovering what we actually really enjoy wearing in our adult years and finally we get to the point of reminiscing with nostalgia over our best moments in life by looking at the details that made them somehow still palpable after years and years…

This whole analysis is exposed, now there is no doubt that jewelry is something that is present at all times, even in the tiniest form. And just for the sole reason of us trying to reach those old years surrounded by little particles of our whole life to look upon and feel young again – that is all the meaningful jewelry we could save –, we need to learn how to preserve our most emotionally valuable pieces. How else could we do that other than using pouches to store them safely? You cannot call yourself a true jewelry lover if you do not own a nice collection of pouches, each of them protecting your favorite pieces while covering them in something unique and chic. If you are searching for the right jewelry pouch, here are a few that I would love to own:

#1. The Antique Chinese Embroidered Pouch not only sounds like a fancy and expensive piece, but it also looks like one, with its calligraphy characters embroidered in silk. It can also carry a personal message through those characters if it is customized.

#2. The Simple Silk Pouch in One Colour is the plain alternative to the above mentioned colorfully embroidered one, as it is made especially for those who love the simplicity and carry it around them even in the tiniest of details. It has, however, little embroideries that show authenticity.

#3. The Boyscouts Leather Jewelry Pouch – also known as what I used to call doll backpacks when I was younger. As practical as it looks, it can even be attached to a backpack when traveling as it perfectly matches one.

#4. The Simple Leather Pouch that resembles, in fact, the pocket of a denim jacket, only it has a floss instead of a button and it closes by wrapping it around the pouch. It’s rectangular and flat form provides more space for jewelry.

#5. The Gold Pouch for pretentious jewelry. Looking very fancy, this pouch is best for gifting someone a nice piece of jewelry. But be careful, the package is very promising, therefore the jewelry must live up to the expectations!

#6. The Organza Wedding Gift Pouches
that are sort of self-explanatory: they are usually used for gifting bracelets or candy to the guests at a wedding, but they can easily simply store one’s less pretentious jewelry. Their major upsides are that, even though they are transparent, they come in all kinds of colors and they are also very affordable.

#7. The Cotton Pouch along with a lovely pattern can really be the best friend of any minimalism lover, as it is not at all pretentious, but still looks fresh and put together at the same time.

#8. A Leather Watch Pouch can never be a waste of money, as it does its job of protecting your favorite watch and looks amazingly chic at the same time! If you do not believe me, check it out for yourself below.

#9. The Fantasy Alice in Wonderland Inspired Pouch is something that looks as pretentious and high-class as its price most probably truly is, but, after all, who could resist a Lewis Caroll themed artwork?

#10. The Amour Arabesque Pouch that has a unique, vibrant pattern. Even bigger than other rectangular-shaped pouches, it fits more pieces of jewelry, being able to store big ones too.
#11. An Olive Felt Pouch with Drawstring might be exactly what you need if you are looking for a bohemian type of pouch. This one is carefully customized after the specific requests of the customer.

#12. Speaking of customized pouches, here is a lovely DIY project for all those who do not trust anyone but themselves when it comes to creating the most authentic pieces for their personal style. It not only is the cheapest alternative, but it is also very simple: you basically need to simply pick your favorite color of a felt fabric and then sew it however you like most. You can also add details to make it more of a personal object.

#13. For children or those who are forever young at heart, the most representative type of pouch is the colorful pouch with eyes. Whether it recreates a simple cartoon character or an animal, this pouch certainly looks unique and full of life.

#14. Another nice DIY is the DIY envelope pouch, that is similar to the felt one, only it needs more precision to make. But with a little help and the will to do it, it must turn out great!

#15. The Round-Shaped Sailor Pouch is one of the most practical ones, as it has a zipper, so it is easier to open or close. It also has tiny compartments inside, as it can be seen in the image below.

#16. This Drawstring Initial Pouch is perfect for those organized people who love having everything perfectly matched and with their name on it.

#17. Another nice one is this Silk and Cotton Drawstring Pouch that combines two powerful colors by using an intricate pattern. Its beads make it even more original.

#18. The Black Spider Web Pattern Organza Pouch is not only nice because of its interesting design, but it is also useful because you can see the pieces of jewelry stored inside – this way, you can use more of this type instead of trying to buy different pattern ones to differentiate the jewelry.

#19. Anime or Cartoon Inspired Pouches are the best for children and for those grown-ups that still watch cartoons sometimes or that love to reminisce over the times in their childhood they did that.

#20. And, speaking of vibrant and full of life pouches, here is a fruit pouch! With those cherries and the multitude of dots, this pouch is playful and worthy of all the attention it is going to attract!

#21. Playful vibes we can also get from the following pouch, which is the Steampunk Totoro Pouch that is designed in the actual shape of the character, having two cleverly placed pockets!

#22. The next pouch is yet another Totoro Pouch, but this time a drawstring one. The ears add a cute and quirky touch to its aspect – cute enough to convince even the most serious of people to purchase it!

#23. Last but not least in the Totoro department, we must add this Minimal Totoro Pouch, perfect for everyone out there who enjoys cartoons, but is still very strict with his style, deciding to keep the original rectangular shape of the pouch and the color black.

#24. Many of us use pouches with strings, so we can hang them on a jewelry display. For that purpose, this Colourful Owl Pouch fits perfectly!

#25. And for the final one, I saved my personal favorite and the funniest one by far: the Fried Egg Zipper Pouch, made as a DIY project that is much easier than I initially thought.