Some of us might still wonder: why do some people still wear watches in this era of smartphones and technology? There is a variety of reasons for still including a watch in our daily outfit.  First of all, watches are truly convenient and  reliable – truth be told, it is easier to check out the watch from your wrist than trying to find you phone in your purse or in your pockets and  unlock it only to see what time it is – and in addition to this, it looks more sophisticated.

What is more, the battery of smartphones is known to die too fast, so a watch can offer us an advantage in such situations when we are in a rush and we do not have time to wait for our phone to charge. Secondly, watches mean style. Almost every person from this wide world has or, at least, had a watch once in their lifetime and this is why because they are elegant and induce a feeling of richness – and even better, they work perfectly well with any kind of clothes (it is not important if you are wearing a suit or just a T-shit with some jeans, the watch will still do the job).

And another reason why watches are a must is that they are more resistant that any kind of modern gadget; people can practice sports wearing them, they can get into the water and they can even drop them on the floor – chances they will break are really low… And the same thing cannot be said about a tablet, for instance. But another important thing about watches is how we like to keep them at home or how we like to advertise them in stores in order to sell them, and all of these things using the adequate holder.

#1. The Futuristic Stand: The most interesting thing about this design is that it looks like it has been taken out of a SF movie or from the future, something that will make all the enthusiasts of the genre own a stand like this one.

#2. The Solar Showcase 360 Turntable Display Stand: One of the greatest things about this stand is that it rotates and it gives someone the opportunity to notice all the beautiful details of the watch without even touching it, supposing it cannot be reached.

 #3. The Acrylic Stand: Made out of mirror acrylic, it cannot only be used to put watches on it, but other pieces of jewelry as well (such as bracelets or even necklaces). What is more, this stand is truly practical because many items can be displayed on it, due to the fact it is so resistant and of large dimensions.

 #4. The Bangle Stand: Created as an adaption of the classical jewelry holders, it simply consists out of a tube. What makes it so innovative is the fact that its material is transparent, something that gives the opportunity for the watch to stand out.

 #5. The Cone Watch Holder: Contrasting any regular stand, this holder has a modern touch and creates a dynamic ambiance. If it were to explain this type, it would be the exact definition of the modern art. Simple, yet gorgeous.

 #6. The Black Velvet Watch Pillow: There is no secret that a pillow will make us think about cozy and warm places – thing that will give a relaxing and calming feeling when seeing this kind of holder. Even better, it can be made out of any textile of any color, as preferred.

 #7. The Horizontal Watch Curve: With the look of something that Salvador Dali would paint, this holder that might seem at first a bit surrealistic is really easy to use and it is in the same time extremely elegant.

 #8. Jual Acrylic Rda Showcase Rack: Despite the fact that this might be the most frequent met type of holder, its ingenuity consists out of the fact that each watch displayed properly, therefore all of his qualities stick out of the ordinary.

 #9. The Walnut Watch Holder: This is the kind of holder we expect to see in a really fancy man’s mansion as it implies masculinity and roughness. Due to the fact it is made out of wood, it is sure that this holder will last for a long period of time.

 #10. MijMoj Design Cufflink: This watch holder combines both amusement and craftiness as well. It can be easily used as a gift and it is not difficult at all to make.

 #11. Acrylic Nesting Plinths Display Stand: This set (that can come on other color) of three pedestals will give a more luxurious look to the watches as if they were really expensive or even collectable (even if they are or not).

 #12. RollUp Watch Case: Besides the fact that this holder will protect the watches from any exterior danger, it also has a chic look that is given by the leather (whether it is natural or just an imitation)

 #13. The Box Display: The luxury black box with a single watch storage spaces is the perfect holder for a person who knows how to organize his or her items accordingly to the priorities and also for a person who knows how to appreciate one thing at the time.

 #14. The Large Watch Display: Very similar to the simple box display, this kind of holder offers more space – it is more appropriate for a person who is highly passionate about watches and includes one in every possible outfit.

  #15.  The Tool Holder: This is one of the best options for a holder because it keeps the leather straight so it doesn’t get damaged. It also offers a good perspective upon the watch itself.

 #16. The Horloge Winder: This cylinder box is the best option to keep a watch (or any kind of jewelry) protected because of the automatic lock it has, but also because of the cushions it has.

 #17. The Men Watch Holder: This model of stand is usually preferred by men because it gives them the right space they need to deposit all of their belongings, including their watch.

#18. The Wooden Watch Stand: This is one of the stands who offers the most facilities of them all; it can be used for stocking other things as well – however, it has a special spot only for a watch.

 #19. The Wooden Holder: A really tasteful design that we expect to see in a business office – truly practical for a busy person who needs a little extra help to keep his watches in order.

#20. The Acrylic Stackable Display: It is indeed extraordinary how many watches can a display like this hold: about 48. Even if this case looks a bit complicated at first, using it is really simple.

 #21. The Casio Retail Watch Display: This is one of the best holders to use in order to present certain watches; this is why it is recommended to be used in stores. It does not occupy a lot of space and many watches can be put on it.

#22. The “Winding Time”: Commonly known as the gift to be bought for a man “who has everything”, it is considered as “a must” for a every man that is a watch collector.

#23. The Wrist Watch Organizer: This model will beautifully arrange and systematize the watches because it is separated in compartments and due to the fact there are two little straps in every one of them, there is no worry they are going to fall.

 #24. The Black Velvet Dome Ramp: The role of this holder is to make the watch look really unique, as it stands alone. Furthermore, because of the fact it is black, any kind of watch will look good on it.

 #25. The Poly Watch Holder: Both creative and helpful, this stand will come in handy at all times. What makes it look so modern is that it looks like a much simpler rack that rotates.