We give and receive necklaces or bracelets or even sets of those last mentioned along with a fancy pair of earrings at any given occasion, but when it comes to special occasions, rings are what steals the show – be it an engagement ring, a promise ring or a lovely gift from your parents when you turn eighteen.

Despite the ring being the important element of the gift and what truly remains with the person you are giving it to, there is one relevant aspect that people happen to forget about at times: it also matters what you put the ring on! Therefore, I looked up ring packages for you, in hope you are going to find exactly what you are looking for. Here they are, the most beautiful and creative ring cases and boxes – useful for presents or for your own personal need:

#1. This leather-bound ring box that is very practical and minimal: it is just one centimeter thick and it resembles a tiny wallet. Now if you ask yourself how are you supposed to fit a ring in there, here is the answer: the box has a special insert that protects the jewelry when it is closed. The same box assures a system that flips the ring when you open it, so that it displays it in a straight position, without the risk of it falling. I find this one very clever and well-thought!

#2. Then we have this gorgeous wooden rustic wedding ring bearer box that has the words “I do” printed on it. It is not only an authentic way to present a wedding ring, but it is also something that you can easily DIY in order to show your loved one how much love and effort you invest in them!

#3. The pyramid ring display is a personal favorite of mine, as it has this minimal aspect to it, without failing to impress and make a statement. In my opinion, one of the greatest aspects of it is that, unlike many jewelry boxes, this one shows off the ring and protects it at the same time.

#4. This next one is useful not only for rings, but for jewelry in general. It is a very creative leather casket for traveling. It has a special compartment for rings that I find extremely clever since rings are the one piece of jewelry people are usually scared of losing when traveling.

#5. Uniqueness I also found in these next pieces. The stained glass mini ring boxes are amazingly good eye-catchers if you are wishing to display your rings somewhere in your room.

#6. Just when you thought it is so much you can do with wooden jewelry boxes, you come across this wooden keepsake box that has the nicest opening system! With a little imagination, you can even DIY it!

#7. On the fancier side of our issue, we can easily indulge into purchasing one of these gorgeous stained glass ring boxes. I, for one, love the mix between the crystal-clear glass and all those shiny details.

#8. For those classy ring lovers out there, I would like to introduce this silver metal antique ring box that displays a very intricate and subtle floral pattern.

#9. Another wooden finding is the personalized Walnut round engraved ring box with a magnet opening system which secures the ring. I find the shape of it perfect for storing a ring and also practical when it comes to traveling.

#10. Also made out of wood, this lovely wedding ring box is perfect for when you and your loved one need to leave your rings in a safe place. It sports two tiny compartments, separated by fabric, and it has the initials and the date printed on top of it. You can even add an interesting pattern to it!

#11. The rectangular-shaped alternative to the above-mentioned is this wooden ring box with a magnet opening system that can also be used as a proposal ring box.

#12. For gifts, I find this next one such a lovely idea. This rose-shaped ring box is a romantic approach to the regular and basic rectangular ring box. It not only adds a bit of romanticism but also a bit of color.

#13. For a great ring display, try out the ring dome display case. I personally love how much it resembles a museum display – but one that is mixed with the vibe of a Christmas snowball.

#14. The custom-made wedding ring box (that can also be customized for a single ring) assures protection as it has a fabric part personalized to be as thick as the ring, so it perfectly fits it. It’s mustard yellow color is also a bonus, as it brings uniqueness to it, among all the basic-colored boxes.

#15. I bet you will never get sick of these amazing wooden boxes! They certainly win the best design award. This blue ribbon wooden box, for example, is very simple, but has a big impact on the way the ribbon is used: it is not only placed on top of the box for decoration purposes, but it is linked to the box itself so that it holds it closed.

#16. The personalized wooden engagement ring box is one of my firm choices because of the same magnet opening system mentioned above – I find it to be one of the safest.

#17. The purple patterned leatherette ring box is a classic type of ring box that we all owned at some point – and maybe still do. After all, it is one of the most affordable boxes.

#18. On the same page of classy ring boxes that go with every type of ring and every type of event, we have the black velvet ring box. Of course, it can be personalized by adding a special pattern or simply a different color. Its versatility is its best aspect!

#19. A delicate one is this beautiful wedding ring box. It’s creamy almost white color goes perfectly with the wedding details, especially with the two enter wined rings on top of it that even have rhinestones.

#20. The luxury leather personalized ring boxes with removable cushion are the best for traveling. They have a zipper so that you can never lose the ring. It is small enough to even attach it to a key chain or to a bag.

#21. This lovely antique ring box that has a diamond on top is perfect to display in your own room, as it catches the eye and it adds a vintage vibe. After all, it looks like a ring in itself!

#22. If we are to talk antiques, here is the vintage royal-looking ring box. The multitude of colors and patterns makes it intricate and peculiar, a true addition to your collection of vintage gatherings!

#23. If you and your loved one have a shared passion for games and you both have childish personalities, I have found the best proposal ring box! It is this unique lego ring box! It will make the whole event of your engagement unforgettable and original.

#24. Another vintage-looking finding is this golden body ring box that works for anyone who loves puns and funny objects. The whole concept is amusing – just imagine gifting this to one of your friends or displaying it in your room!

#25. I remember having a friend when I was little who adored cupcakes – how she would love this next ring box! It is a cupcake velvet ring box, full of color! It is perfect for children or for those friends that still have a playful personality.

These are my top 25 beautiful and creative ring cases and boxes that I would love to have and that even make me want to receive a new ring, just to have a reason to purchase or take on a jewelry box little DIY project.