We all know that visual merchandising is both an art and a science and getting it just right is sometimes excruciatingly hard. While many people think only of displays, signage, arranging merchandise and a couple other tedious tasks, visual merchandising should actually take into account all 5 senses if possible.

We know…visual…it’s somewhat misleading. But more than a few renown stores take advantage of the senses of smell, hearing, taste and touch to entice their customers to spend more time in the store, buy specific items, predispose them to spend more or simply leave them with a pleasant feeling after visiting the location.

We designed a cool infographic about The 5 Senses of Retail and you can use sight, hearing, smell and sometimes touch and taste in your retail / store’s visual merchandising strategy to improve customer experience and increase sales. Scroll to check it out or jump to the embed code if you’re looking to share it on your blog.

Visual Merchandising Infographic - The 5 Senses of Retail

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