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Jewelry mannequins are one of the best jewelry merchandising tools and used accordingly with proper lightning and the right display cases, they can help you put your best products into focus and help your customers appreciate the value in terms of materials, finishes and aesthetics. Even more, mannequins can help your customers visualize the jewelry on themselves and they can also be used with color blocking techniques, creating various display windows and even organizing and sorting jewelry items with a little bit of creativity.

From non-slip necklace easels, elegant mannequin heads to ring display mannequin hands, we’ve got you covered on all your jewelry display needs if you choose to use mannequins and various mannequins parts as functional display elements.

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Latest Jewelry Display Mannequins

  • This mannequin display is complemented with a total of nine metal hooks that you can use for arranging your precious necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings on it. This way, you’ll have them visible to your potential clients, and also accessible to you. This mannequin display stand is excellent for holding various jewelry and accessories, which you can arrange any way you like.
  • This doll display helps you keep your jewelry in its place, so you can easily find each of the pieces you want to wear, when you need it. Besides, your jewelry comes in contrast with the purple satin dress of this doll, thus becoming even more eye-catching and with a more sophisticated look.
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    This jewelry display bust features a partial face design, with ears, shoulders, the chest covered with a top, and a larger base. This larger base offers a better stability of the bust, hence it won’t tip whilst it holds your jewelry, such as necklaces, pendant chains, or earrings.
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    This jewelry hand display has a great functionality and efficiency when used in a jewelry store. However, it is also a great addition to your personal collection, as you can use it in your room, to keep your jewelry and accessories organized. You can use this hand to hold some of the most beautiful and fashionable jewelry and accessories. When displayed on this hand, your items will be always within easy reach, so you won’t need to worry about spending your time searching for them, the next time when you want to wear your rings, bracelets or gloves.
  • No matter where you place this beautiful mannequin jewelry holder, it will attract all the views with its splendor. It is also completely functional, as it is adorned with a metal hook on either side, replacing the doll’s arm. Instead of the doll’s head, there is a detachable piece, with five metal hooks. You can easily use the hooks to create spectacular arrangements with your favorite jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and even precious watches.
  • Due to its fantastic design, and its dimensions, this hand mannequin display is an excellent choice for holding your jewelry and accessories. You can use this hand for showcasing some of your preferred jewelry and accessories. Although it is mostly suitable for rings and bracelets, it also makes a wonderful choice for holding other jewelry and accessories, such as gloves, watches, and even necklaces.
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