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White Jewelry Boxes For Sale

White jewelry boxes are some of the most desired on the market, simply because they emit such elegance and refinement. They are absolutely dazzling and downright charming to use in your home or even in your store.

These jewelry boxes can come in many shapes and sizes, being able to hold single items, sets of necklaces and rings or more, and also larger collections that can include basically any type of jewelry. They can also be made from a wide range of materials, but all of which are of the highest quality and have some impressive features.

The features include various types of locks and securing mechanisms as well as lights and highly impressive designs that will leave any viewer in awe.

The white finish of these jewelry boxes can complement already existing white furniture in your home or store, or even help you powerful and beautiful contrasts with darker pieces.

We urge you to browse our marvelous selection of white jewelry boxes, which we spent countless hours composing. This is the main reason we are 100% confident that within our products you will find the perfect box to suit your needs and taste.

Latest White Jewelry Boxes

  • A stylish and rustic looking jewelry box, this product is categorically a very beautiful token of affection that anyone can receive. Manufactured out of premium wood veneer, this box is available in two colors in order to fit best to your personal preferences: it comes in an immaculate white version, or a rich dark burgundy one.
  • This set of ten ring boxes is the perfect acquisition if you’re looking for ways to keep your rings separate from each other! Simple yet very elegant, this dainty little set is crafted out of cardboard and it is furnished with a delicate layer of white paint.
  • The interior of the chest is also covered in an elegant and smooth black velvet, so that your belongings will not get scratched by the wooden material. The enclosing lid of the upper drawer is also transparent, so you can easily use this box for the display of your precious possessions. This jewelry chest is sturdy and resilient, yet stylish and gracefully-crafted. It will keep all of your jewelry safe while storing them in a very chic manner.
  • The upper section is divided into two parts and it also has 10 separate rows for the storing of your rings. The bottom section is even more roomy: it is provided with four drawers, out of which one has no other inner divisions. The second one is sectioned into two compartments, the third one into eight compartments and the last one into no less than 36 compartments. What is even more convenient is that you can arrange the dividers in order to fit to your own personal needs.
  • Gorgeous, spacious and professionally designed, this amazing jewelry display box offers a complete storage and display of your entire collection of jewelry in one single place! The box is made of sturdy and superior quality MDF board and it is also covered with a beautiful faux leather material as well.
  • It has a lot of storage room and it is very efficiently organized. The upper drawer is equipped with a built-in mirror so you can watch yourself as you put on your jewelry; it has a set of ring rows, one medium section, three small slots for your earrings and a larger section that can be covered with a mobile cover. This drawer also has a pocked embroidered under the mirror, where you can deposit your necklaces without risking to have them tangled into each other or swinging around.
  • Elegant, stylish and amazingly beautiful, this lovely and unique musical jewelry box provides a most impressive and astonishing way of storing and also displaying your precious items of jewelry, anywhere you want. The product was constructed out of strong and durable MDF material that will also keep your jewelry safe as well.
  • A fancy, elegant and professionally designed jewelry travel box, this lovely and attractive item of jewelry display provides a most efficient and impressive way of storing and presenting all kind of items of jewelry in one single place! The box is made out of durable and resilient material and it’s also covered in a fine PU leather for a more stylish look.
  • It is quite large, so you can store pretty much anything inside. The other four drawers reasonably roomy as well and they come packed with four rows for your rings, so that you can smartly and efficiently arrange them. All of the drawers have a unique and stunning crystallized handle as to help you maneuver them easier. The wooden material is also sturdy and resistant to falls or other kinds of damage, this way you don’t have to worry about your precious and fragile jewelry.
  • A fully packed and elegantly manufactured jewelry box, this treasure it is perfect for storing all of your precious collections of jewelry!  The box is crafted of a superior wood and it is beautifully polished with white paint, or you can go for the creamy white version, with a light maroon lid.
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    The box has got a multitude of compartments of varying sizes, where you can deposit pretty much anything you want. It is thus divided into 20 sections, it is three-layered with two drawers, and equipped with two side compartments with eight hooks for your earrings. In addition to all that, it’s got one ring case and six ear studs cards, two watch slots and also three roomy pouches.
  • Gorgeous, adorable and uniquely crafted, this amazing musical jewelry box is by far one of the most remarkable and astounding ways of storing and presenting your beloved pieces of jewelry without a problem! It features a striking and amazing white color design and it is made out of durable material that will be very resistant in time too.
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    Gorgeous, unique and spacious, this astounding item of jewelry display is a wonderful storage box that has been especially designed in order to accommodate all of your pieces of jewelry in one single place without a problem! The storage case is made out of strong and resilient PU leather that offers a beautiful and chic look as well.
  • The available colors for these boxes are the following: black, light blue, rich red, blue, bright pink, purple, light green, dark green and gold. The exterior is beautifully and intricately designed with a lovely and continuous swirling motif. The interior has been filled with a special type of jeweler’s fiber that is non-tarnishable.
  • A stunning and futuristic-looking jewelry box, this product will store your pieces of jewelry in a very modern way! The wood the box has been crafted out of is a superior gloss wood. The mechanism it is equipped with allows it to spin and turn, making opening and closing it a very fascinating and captivating act.
  • Beautiful, delicate and fashionable, this amazing and uniquely crafted jewelry box offers a truly special and impressive way of both storing and also displaying all your items of jewelry! The box is made out of strong and durable MDF material and it features a chic hand stitched leatherette exterior too.
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    A petite yet efficient jewelry box, this product is the perfect gift for your daughter or any other princess! She can store her doll’s pieces of jewelry and hers as well and it is sure to create a long-lasting impression of affection and great taste. Regardless of whom it is intended for, it is bound to be a most valuable purchase on your part!
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    The interior of the box is completely covered in a creamy and dainty velvety lining that will keep your belongings safe from scratches or any other damage. The drawers also have a beautiful shiny metal handle for your easy access. The box is very resistant, especially designed to protect your possessions. Moreover, it is created to store all your collection of jewelry, given its large size, so you can never misplace or lose any piece!
  • The box is crafted out of a premium wood and MDF, and it is painted in a very faint but lovely shade of pinkish beige. The box is resilient and stable on its feet, as it has a thick frame supporting it. It is also very easy to keep clean, requiring only some polishing with a damp cloth. This adorable little box is section into a small yet deep compartment and a row of rings. What is more, it is also provided with a rectangular built-in mirror, ideally placed to help you get ready.
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    Stylish, beautiful and attractive, this lovely and impressively designed jewelry box is a most wonderful way of storing and accommodating various types of jewelry, no matter their size! The box has been crafted out of sturdy and solid wood so it is very resistant and it will also protect your jewelry.
  • Its structure is very stable and solid, so your belongings are safely stored. Given its shape and size, the box can be easily transported and this way you can take it with you anywhere in your travels. Particularly designed for the intelligent storing of your jewelry, this product is the perfect gift for anyone who wishes to keep their valuable belongings smartly-organized and in one single place!
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    The inside of the box is completely lined with a graceful beige velvet. The drawers are also provided with stoppers and four bottom mats to prevent any kind of damaging as it is pull out/ in. Each main compartment has a shiny crystallized round handle as well. Simple, yet chic and modern, this product is a great idea for a gift to someone who needs to store all their jewelry in one place and in a stylish manner.