Pendants and necklaces are most times the center piece of an outfit and choosing the right one can be a long, arduous process for some people. Storing and organizing them is also an important consideration, since they can easily get tangled, some elements can easily get scratched and so on. When it comes to display, though, the challenges are similar: finding the right jewelry fixtures and creative ideas to make sure they’re displayed creatively, easy to pick up and they won’t get tangled.

We’ve spent the time to bring you 100+ creative necklace ideas, while keeping in mind to select those that are also practical and you could replicate in your own store (or at home, if you’re keen on organizing your necklaces in a beautiful manner) without getting into complicate DIY projects. There are also some professional solutions that are ready to use and we’ve curated those as well.

Some ideas are more practical than stylish and the other way around, as you can imagine, but it’s mostly up to you, knowing what items you want to display & organize, to pick the right mix of bracelet holders, stands, cases, organizers and various jewelry display props, according to your display concept or theme.

Coupled with our Best Jewelry Displays series, you’ll surely be able to organize your jewelry in a stunning manner.

Necklace Display Examples