Discover the most creative lingerie store designs & lingerie visual merchandising ideas in the world! We’ve spent many hours curating the absolute best design ideas, from Asia to Europe, so you can save time and get inspired for your next project. Designing lingerie stores, lingerie window displays or just trying to feature a new lingerie collection can be very challenging, since you have very few product types you can play with basically.

When you’re limited in terms of product selection, you have to focus on all other merchandising aspects, including fixtures, lighting, color schemes, signage, placement, etc. That’s why we’ve selected store designs that feature creative use of lighting, creative fixtures & displays and smart placement that blends in well with the overall store design.

You’ll notice that our selections focus a lot on the fixtures used. This way you’ll have as many display ideas and design ideas as possible for your next project. Our galleries, combined with our Best Lingerie Displays series should provide plenty options for you to easily implement your next merchandising project.

With that in mind, let’s check out our top 100 lingerie store design ideas: