Colors and finishes for jewelry armoires vary greatly so let us help you make an informed decision by presenting the main types of colors and finishes. We are certain that you will decide on the color of your future jewelry armoire after going through this section.

White Jewelry Armoires

White is a very elegant color and it goes with basically anything. It would be a primary choice if you happen to have furniture in your bedroom that is also white. Even if this is not the case, you can still pair it with what you have in your home and create visual contrasts that impress your visitors and your family. The armoire itself will be stunning on its own, but the non-color also leaves room for artistic expression, so you can paint or decorate it however you like.

White Jewelry Armoire

Black Jewelry Armoires

Black Jewelry ArmoiresBlack, as you know, is one of the most elegant non-colors in existence, it also evokes mystery, power and strength, a sense of protection, and has an overall seductive allure. Being such a powerful type of finish be sure to think it through when you choose it.

Think about proportions and how well the colors in the room go with a black armoire, it is perfect to match with any color, yes, but if there are too many shades and hues in one room, the result might be rather aggressive. Contrast with white or emphasize with other wood colors, it’s up to you.

Espresso Armoires

This kind of color is one of the darkest wooden finishes out there, it still gives off an earthy feeling while evoking elegance, sophistication and strength as well. It is very similar to dark chocolate, so we recommend combining it with lighter colors such as white, beige or any other color that will emphasize the piece.

Espresso Jewelry Armoires

Cherry Armoires

Cherry is that amazing reddish wood that has a rather dark shade, but it expresses pure sophistication, a deep richness and warmth. This type of finish is used for any type of furniture so you might just have something in your home to compliment it.

Jewelry armoires go well in absolutely any room, simply because they are not massive pieces of furniture and have amazing colors and finishes. so you can choose the perfect one for you, for your home or even store.

Cherry Color Jewelry Armoire

Natural Looking Armoires

The name of the finish speaks for itself, the color of the wood is preserved and highlighted with the help of lacquer. It also refers to the fact that it has a lighter appearance than the previously discussed ones. you can easily combine and contrast with rustic or even modern furniture, it simply depends on the style of the already existing pieces in the designated space.

Natural Wood Jewelry Armoire

Driftwood Armoires

This type of finish is modern and chic, yet cold because it has a grayish tint. It is a more pretentious type of finish for a piece of furniture than the name would suggest, so we urge you to choose wisely if you find it appealing.

Driftwood Jewelry Armoire

High Gloss Finish

Black Gossy Finish Jewelry ArmoireA high gloss finish suggests those luxurious and eye catching pieces of furniture that have a strong shine. Such a jewelry armoire is absolutely stunning, but as in the case above, this type of finish can be very pretentious so pay attention to what other furniture and color schemes you combine such a jewelry armoire with.

Colorful & Painted Armoires

A jewelry armoire can have basically any color you desire or have amazing designs painted on them. It is only a matter of tastes and what works in your specific room decor.

Colorful Jewelry Armoire

Distressed Finish Armoires

A distressed finish gives an antique and heirloom appearance. Jewelry armoires that have this type of finish complement classical furniture perfectly. It is represented by chipped or scuffed paint that gives the piece a worn-down appearance.

Distressed Finish Jewelry Armoire

The colors and finishes discussed up until now are the most representative of all the possibilities. We emphasized them so that you would have a baseline to work with and help you choose or think about the exact shades, tones and nuances that will create the most amazing contrasts or  that will match your existing furniture.

We invite you to browse our beautiful selection of jewelry armoires where you will find the color and finish you’ve set your heart on.

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