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I'll tell you more about me later. I'm just the guy running ZenMerchandiser and I spend most of my time building stuff at MannequinMall as the Director of eCommerce. When I write, I write about cool stuff in retail, be it related to technology, design or marketing.

The Perfect Jewelry Holders

Join us in our search for the perfect jewelry holder! We’ve scoured the web to bring you what we think are the perfect jewelry holder of each style, type and material. We simply couldn’t choose one product and call it a day considering how different the various types of jewelry holders are between themselves, so we settled on choosing on of each type. Scroll on down and discover the best jewelry holders money can buy!

While […]

The Best Jewelry Holders

You’re about to enter the beautiful world of jewelry display and delight yourself with some of the best jewelry display solutions out there, namely jewelry holders. Available in a multitude of shapes, sizes, colors, materials & styles, jewelry holders are one of the most flexible and useful tools when it comes to organizing & displaying any jewelry items, be they earrings, rings, necklaces, watches, bracelets or pendants.

At this time, we’ve researched & structured over 20 […]

The Perfect Jewelry Armoires

While there is no perfect universal jewelry armoire, we truly believe we came close to finding the perfect jewelry armoire of each style & type. To be more specific, out of the 17 styles & types of jewelry armoires we’ve  researched and classified, we chose one of each. One perfect modern jewelry armoire, one perfect antique jewelry armoire and so on. With so many differences between the different types and so many personal preferences of […]

The Best Jewelry Armoires

Jewelry armoires are one of those creative, aesthetic, yet highly useful pieces of furniture, that can fill multiple roles. Looking at them from a purely functional perspective, they’re great to safely store & organize an amazing amount of jewelry items. From an aesthetic perspective, some jewelry armoires are true works of art that can add style & glamour to pretty much any room.

Available in a multitude of shapes, sizes, styles and placement options, choosing the […]

The Perfect Jewelry Boxes

You might be asking yourself “How can there be more than one perfect jewelry box?”. Well, with over 60 types of jewelry boxes, we’ve invested an insane amount of time to scour through thousands of products, reviews & endorsement to bring you the perfect jewelry box for each type, style & material.

We believe that jewelry boxes shouldn’t be an afterthought – after all, you use them to store some of your most precious belongings. For […]

The Best Jewelry Boxes

You’re about to enter in a world of beauty and creativity surrounded by previous metals, stones and elegant materials, all used to craft jewelry boxes to match your precious jewelry items. We’ve scoured through thousands of jewelry boxes to bring you the 15 of the most beautiful jewelry boxes of each type & style. That’s right, 15 of each type. From jewelry item focused ones such as earring, necklace, bracelet, bangle & earring to boxes of various […]

The Most Beautiful Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry boxes are both a great solution to store & organize jewelry items and a great decorative element in any home or even store. With over 80 possible types & styles of jewelry boxes, we’ve started selecting the most popular form factors & styles of jewelry boxes you can choose from. From jewelry item focused boxes such as earring, necklace, bracelet, bangle & watch boxes to jewelry boxes of various styles, materials & form factors, […]

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The Most Beautiful Jewelry Armoires

Jewelry armoires are one of the lesser known pieces of furniture that are held in high regard by all jewelry lovers and connoisseurs, serving multiple truly useful functions: decorating your room, organizing, storing & displaying your jewelry items at the same time. Depending on various models, jewelry armoires have various extremely useful features such as side drawers for necklaces, lockable drawers, swivel mirrors or full frontal mirrors and accessory organizers. They come in pretty much […]

The Most Beautiful Jewelry Holders

You’re about to be amazed at how diverse, creative & beautiful jewelry holders can be. We’ve scoured through thousands of jewelry holders to bring you the 25 most beautiful jewelry holders of each type. That’s right, 25 of each type. From jewelry item focused ones such as earring, necklace, bracelet, bangle & watch holders to jewelry holder of various styles, materials & form factors.

With 19 types of holders at the moment, you’ll surely find the perfect one […]

The Definitive Retail Signs & Signage Guide

Continuing our exploration of the 5 Senses of Retail, we now dive deeper into the visual side of things and focus on retail signs & signage and their impact on consumers and your store’s bottom line.  We’re going to explore best practices, tactics, signs & signage placements and specific point of purchase optimization techniques so that you can get straight to improvising your visual merchandising strategy immediately after reading these resources.

The Impact […]

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