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I'll tell you more about me later. I'm just the guy running ZenMerchandiser and I spend most of my time building stuff at MannequinMall as the Director of eCommerce. When I write, I write about cool stuff in retail, be it related to technology, design or marketing.

The Best Jewelry Mannequins

Jewelry mannequins are one of the more unusual and original ways of organizing and displaying your jewelry. Either as centerpieces of window display designs, subtle additions to your visual merchandising strategy or just decorative items that double as jewelry organizers in your home, these mannequins are a great choice and we’ve spent the time to find the absolute best jewelry display mannequins you can buy online.

While there are over 50 types of mannequins at […]

The 15 Best Big & Large Mannequins

Not everyone needs clothes that could be worn by a model walking on the catwalk. There are people who need plus size clothing and they shouldn’t be ignored. So if you sell large clothes, you should think about your customers and create some beautiful arrangements in your store, where you display some of the clothing meant for larger size wearers. When you place a plus size clothing on a regular mannequin, it won’t look too […]

The 15 Best Bedroom Mannequins

If you want to add a special touch to your bedroom and have an impressive method for displaying clothes and accessories, you need to use a bedroom/decorative mannequin. Bedroom or decorative mannequins are created to give a fascinating look to the environment, to your room, bedroom, studio or even store. They allow you to display clothing and accessories on them while giving a fashionable look to the place.

In comparison to other mannequins, which feature quite […]

The 15 Best Shop & Retail Mannequins

You are looking for a solution to boost your clothing sales. It is understandable that you would do anything to attract customers to your store and to keep the customers coming back to you. There are various things you can do in order to achieve this, but one of these things is using mannequins. They allow you to display some of your favorite clothing and accessories in various places of your store. Shop/retail mannequins are […]

The 15 Best Fiberglass Mannequins

When you have a clothing store, you want to do anything you can in order to attract new customers and keep the existing ones. Customers are attracted to visual things first of all. Therefore, you need to choose some of the most beautiful and fashionable clothes and display them in your store, in a nice manner that grabs the attention. For this, you need to use various mannequins. When you choose the mannequins for your […]

The 15 Best Plastic Mannequins

Abstract or realistic, full body or torso, you need to use mannequins to display garments in your store. Mannequins are a great method to use to attract customers to specific pieces of clothing and accessories that you sell. They allow the customers to see how a certain garment looks when worn and this is what usually sells various products. As you probably know, there are plenty of models that differ depending on the material they […]

The 15 Best Iron & Metal Wire Mannequins

Every store has some mannequins for displaying various clothes and accessories. However, most of them use those classic mannequins that resemble a human body. But if you want to be different in the eyes of your potential or existing customers, then you need to dare to appear differently in front of them. This means you need to try to show off your merchandise in a very different and innovative manner. All you need to do […]

The 15 Best Silicone Mannequins

When you sell various accessories, such as jewelry, wigs and even makeup products, you need to attract customers in a unique way. To do this, you need to display your merchandise in a fashionable and appealing manner that grabs the attention of everyone who goes next to your store or visits it. For displaying such items, you need special mannequins that are specially created for the type of merchandise you sell. For example, if you […]

The 15 Best Fabric Mannequins

Choosing the mannequins for your store isn’t an easy thing to do, as there are plenty of different options available. Before choosing a mannequin, it is essential to choose the type, as mannequins are available in various types and materials. So you need to think about what you want to achieve, what impression you want to create for your customers. If you want your customers to feel great, as if they were in a unique […]

The 15 Best Pink Mannequins

Displaying clothing on mannequins is a good method for grabbing the attention of your customers. However, people are already used to seeing the same dull mannequins all over, in every store they visit. So you could try something different, in order to attract the visitors and turn them into customers. For this, you need to use pink mannequins. Not only will they give a wonderful appeal to the clothing you want to expose, but will […]