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  • This bracelet display is made from clear acrylic, which makes it a durable piece that you can enjoy for a long time. It has a contemporary style, which allows you to easily display your favorite bracelets and watches in front of your potential buyers. It has a round bar that you use for hanging your jewelry and accessories. The bar is attached to a solid base, through a pole. The base of this display is solid and it features a rectangular shape, which increases the stability of the display stand when it is in use. Therefore, you don’t need to worry that it may tip or fall when you use it to showcase your precious bracelets, necklaces and watches.
  • As you already know, jewelry tags help you organize and identify your precious items. They feature a smooth, white surface, which is a convenient way that allows you to label the price, material, style and any other information that you consider important for your customers. They feature a small size, to make sure that they don’t distract your customer’s attention from what’s really important – the jewelry itself, of course.
  • This multi-level riser is 12” tall and it features a square shape. Due to its design, it gives you plenty of possibilities to use it to create an entire system for displaying various items and organizing your place. It is excellent for creating a unique looking buffet. You can add various pieces to it, to create an arrangement that fits your style and your needs.
  • This sloped display features a vertical design and it measures 7Wx13Dx10.75H. Made from metal, this is a sturdy, durable piece that you can use in your store, home, at a show or event. It is finished with a beautiful, black coat, which gives a well-polished, elegant look of this display.
  • This necklace display easel has a size of 8- 5/8" W x 14 - 1/8" H, so you can place it anywhere you want, to create the appealing ambiance that will attract more potential customers to your jewelry store. It is carefully crafted, to resemble the human body, with its shapes. Its shape and color create an amazing look, which helps you emphasize the beauty, elegance and sophisticated look of your necklace.
  • A fine and delicately crafted piece of art, this beautiful jewelry holder will display your precious pieces of your jewelry collection in a totally new and entertaining manner! The product has been entirely made out of iron, so it is going to prove really resistant and durable throughout time, thus you will have it intact for a longer while!
  • This bakery display case features a bamboo frame, and acrylic doors and trays. It features a size of 21Wx16.25Dx2.5H, and it originates from Mexico. This is a self-serve display case, so you can use it for fairs, shows, and events, to allow your guests to serve themselves with the items that you place in this case. It features a beautiful and elegant design, and it allows your customers and guests to get a clear view of anything you display in this case.
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    This set contains three small risers, of different dimensions. They measure 2 3/4" W x 2" D x 1 1/4" H, 3 1/4" W x 2" D x 1 3/4" H, and 3 3/4" W x 2" D x 2 1/4" H. These three risers come in a set, but they are individual pieces, so it is up to you to decide how you want to arrange them. The three risers in this set are excellent for displaying some of your jewelry or accessories, such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, beaded chains, pendant chains, and much more.
  • This large cupcake pyramid features a beautiful bamboo finish, which gives it a modern and fresh look. It measures 17.25 inches in height, from top to the bottom, 20 inches in width, from side to side, and an overall depth of 20 inches, from front to back. It features a design created by three display plates, of various dimensions, so that the bottom plate is the largest one, and the top plate is the smallest.
  • Mirrors are indispensable accessories in everybody’s daily life, and also in some stores, such as jewelry stores, accessories store and clothing or shoes store. No matter which of these categories you are in, you definitely know how important it is to be able to take a glimpse of your look before you leave your home, or before you purchase a jewelry or an accessory. So for this, you need the Oval Mirror Platform, which is ready to accent your display.
  • The 32 compartment full sized tray liner is one of the most and highly in-demand retail pieces today. Made from premium quality construction for durability, this tray insert provides a lasting companion to increase your retail sale. It comes with smooth, classic white finish to exhibit your elegant jewelry collections and make them glitter before your buyer’s eyes.
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    A gorgeous and exquisite jewelry armoire, this impressive and astonishing item of jewelry display offers a most elegant and beautiful display and also an efficient storage all of your beloved jewelry! The armoire has been constructed out of strong and premium wood so that it is also resilient in time and to damage.
  • The new full sized tray liner with fifty compartments creates an extra space for your beautiful jewelry collection and keeps track of each piece. This tray liner can accommodate up to fifty different items in standard jewelry collection sizes – it makes more storage space to organize and display your precious pieces.
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    This folding glass tower features a simple, minimal design, which allows your customers to admire the merchandise that you showcase so that their attention isn’t distracted by any colors, design, or patterns of the displaying tower. This makes it possible to your customers to get a better, clearer view of all the items that you want to showcase.
  • Due to the state-of-art design, this riser can be used in various ways, to enable you to create the arrangement or configuration that caters to your specific needs, style, and preferences. Hence, you can use it as a riser, or as a bin. In you place it with its opening downside, then you can place anything you want on its top, so it will become the ideal riser that helps you highlight your desired jewelry, accessories, collectibles, flowers or other things. If you flip it upside down, you can use it as a crate basket, which adds a dynamic finish to your presentation.
  • With this new clear wide acrylic showcase you won’t have to spend tons of money just to make your retail space elegant and lively. This display showcase comes in slim or wide designs to accommodate as much jewelry pieces that you require to display.
  • This cube riser features a dimension of 9" W x 9" D x 9" H. Place it wherever you consider it fit, to attract all the eyes to your displayed item. It features a square shape design, with various shaped cuts in it, which create an amazing finish of this cube riser. It only consists of the frame, so it is empty. Therefore, you can use it in various ways that you can think about, to benefit from all the available space to showcase your merchandise.
  • This set contains three risers of different sizes, so you can use them to display your favorite merchandise, jewelry, accessories, foods, and other things. The three risers in this set feature a beautiful, dark wood finish, which gives them an elegant appeal. No matter where you place them, or how you want to arrange them for your display, they will certainly attract all the views of your customers or guests.
  • Beautiful, fancy and chic, this lovely jewelry armoire offers a great and efficient way of accommodating and exhibiting all kinds of items of jewelry, in your own home and in your retail shop just as well. The product has been carefully fashioned out of strong and reliable wood that will also protect your belongings too.
  • An elegant and attractive ottoman, this fine jewelry armoire is the perfect manner of accommodating and presenting all kinds of jewelry items in one single place! The product has been constructed out of sturdy and durable wood that will better protect your belongings.
  • A gorgeous and unique jewelry armoire, this amazing and elegant product is by far a most attractive manner of storing and presenting your entire collections of jewelry without occupying too much space either! The armoire has been constructed out of strong and resistant veneer and MDF material; its legs are also created out of premium solid wood.
  • A chic and elegant jewelry armoire, this finely crafted product offers a wonderful alternative to the display and storage of all kinds of items of jewelry, both in your own home and in any retail shop just as well! The armoire has bene constructed with strong and high quality MDF material; it features a fashionable white colored design that is surely to stand out anywhere you keep it!
  • Stylish, gorgeous and amazingly designed, this astonishing piece of craftmanship is a truly unique and special manner of storing and exhibiting all kinds of your jewelry products! The storage armoire has bene manufactured out of premium quality wood; it is resistant in time and it has also got a strong build that will protect your jewelry.
  • A beautiful, stylish and fashionable armoire, this lively colored item of jewelry display is a lovely and elegant innovative manner of storing and exhibiting all sorts of jewelry products! The storage cabinet has been manufactured out of strong wooden material; it is durable and resilient, and it will easily protect your jewelry collection thanks to its sturdy build.